Ravan Updesh: Ravana, lying on his death bed, gave important teachings of life to Laxman, know what he said

Ravana Updesh in Hindi: Even though Ravana was very powerful, but because of the crime of abducting Mother Sita by deceit and keeping her captive, he was killed by Lord Rama. But Lord Ram also used to believe that there is no one in the world who is as knowledgeable and scholar as Ravana. That’s why he ordered Laxman to get knowledge from Ravana.

Lankapati Ravana was the king of the demon clan. But it cannot be denied that there was no other person like Ravana. Lankadhipati Dashanan Ravana was strong, mighty warrior, supreme Shiva devotee, knower of Vedas and great scholar.

Despite these qualities, Ravana was punished for abducting Mother Sita and ended up at the hands of Lord Rama. When Ravana was on his death bed, Lord Rama ordered Lakshmana to receive the important knowledge of life from Ravana in his last moments, which no one else can give except Ravana.

 Laxman arrives to receive education from Ravana on the behest of Rama

Ram said to Laxman, you go to Ravana and get important lessons of life from him. On the orders of Lord Rama, Lakshman also went and stood near the head of Ravana who was lying on the verge of death. But Ravana did not say anything to Laxman.

Laxman came to Ram and said, Lord! I stood near Ravana for a long time. But he didn’t say anything. Lord Rama said to Laxman, to get knowledge from someone, one should not stay near his head but near his feet. Then Laxman sat near the feet of Ravana. After this, Ravana gave Laxman the mysterious teachings related to life in the last time. These things told by Ravana are important even today and everyone must know them.

Ravana gave these sermons when he was about to die

  • Ravana tells Laxman that there should never be delay in doing any auspicious or good work. But as much as possible control the attraction towards bad or inauspicious work or try to avoid it.
  • A person should never boast of his power and might. There should never be so much ego that he starts to think his enemy and disease are trivial. Because even the smallest disease can be fatal and even a weak enemy can be dangerous. The biggest mistake for me was to despise Ram and his monkey army, which became the reason for my death and today I am lying in front of you in a state of death. Our biggest mistake is that we consider our enemies as friends, who later prove to be our enemies. Wherein, those whom we consider as enemies are our real friends.
  • Ravana while giving knowledge to Laxman said that one should never tell the secret secrets of his life to anyone. Then no matter how close someone is. Vibhishan was my well wisher while living in Lanka and I told him all my secret secrets. But when he went to the shelter of Rama, he became the cause of my destruction.

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