Matra Navami 2023: When is Matra Navami? Special significance of Mother’s Shraddha on this day, know the method

Matra Navami 2023: There is a tradition to perform Shraddha of mother on Navami Tithi in Pitru Paksha. It is known as Matri Navami. If one wishes, prays, works and makes efforts on Matri Navami with full devotion for the spiritual satisfaction and peace of the Mother after her death, her eternal journey becomes successful. Let us know the date of Matri Navami this year and which Shraddha can be performed on this day.

What is Matra Navami Shraddha? (Matra Navami Shraddha)

Matri Navami falls on the ninth date of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. On this day, Pind Daan is performed for deceased mothers, daughters-in-law and daughters who died as married women. This is called Matri Navami Shraddha. It is also known as Naumi Shraddha and Avidhwa Shraddha.

Matra Navami 2023 Date

According to the calendar, Matri Navami is on 7 October 2023. This date is the most suitable day to perform Shraddha of Mata Mata. By performing Shraddha on this date, the souls of all the deceased female members of the family are pleased.

Matra Navami 2023 Shraddha Time (Matra Navami 2023 Time)

  • Kutup Muhurta – 11:45 am – 12:32 pm
  • Rohin Muhurta – 12:32 pm – 01:19 pm
  • Afternoon period – 01:19 pm – 03:40 pm

Matra Navami Shraddha Significance

Every date falling in Pitru Paksha has its own significance but Matri Navami has its own special significance, hence this date is also called Saubhagyavati Shraddha Tithi. While she is alive, the mother makes every possible effort for the well-being of the family. In such a situation, by performing Shraddha remembering the deceased mother on Matri Navami, all the troubles go away and with her grace the house flourishes.

What to do on Matri Navami? (Matra Navami Rules)

  • Take bath early in the morning and spread a white mat on the post in the south direction in the afternoon.
  • Keep a photo of the deceased family member and wear a garland. Offer rose flowers
  • Light an oil lamp in front of the photo, put black sesame seeds in it.
  • Now perform the Shraddha ritual as per the rituals.
  • On this day even by mistake. Do not insult any woman, do not ask guests coming to your house, animals or birds to go without food and water.

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