Last Sawan Monday 2023: This time Sawan is of 2 months, know when is the last Sawan Monday in 2023?

Last Sawan Somwar 2023: From Tuesday, July 04, 2023, the month of Sawan has started, in which about 20 days have passed so far and during this the devotees of Shiva have observed fast on three Sawan Mondays. Let us know how many more Mondays are left in Sawan and when will be the last Monday of Sawan.

Sawan month is considered important for the worship of Shiva Shambhu. But the day of Monday falling in Sawan is particularly fruitful. On this day, devotees observe fast and worship Mahadev. This gives happiness-wealth and unbroken good fortune. This year, Adhikamas or Malmas has been observed in the month of Savan itself, due to which the duration of Savan has become two months and a total of 8 Savan Monday fasts will be observed.

When is the last Sawan Monday in 2023?

This year there will be a total of 8 Mondays in the month of Sawan, in which 4 will be of Sawan month and 4 will be of Adhikamas. Fasts were observed on 3 Sawan Mondays (10th July, 17th July and 24th July). At the same time, 5 Sawan Monday fasts are left. Talking about the last Monday of Sawan, August 28, 2023 will be the last Monday of the month of Sawan. This day is the Dwadashi date of Shukla Paksha of the month of Sawan. Som Pradosh Vrat will also be observed on this day.

Yog on last Sawan Monday 2023 (Last Sawan Somwar 2023 Shubh Yog)

The last and eighth Monday of Sawan is going to be very important from the religious point of view. Because on this day being the last Monday of the month of Sawan, Pradosh Vrat is also observed. Sawan month, Monday fast and Pradosh fast are all dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. On the last Monday of Sawan i.e. 28th August, worshiping Devadhidev Mahadev will yield thrice the fruit if three coincidences happen together. There will also be Sarvarthasiddhi and Tripushkar Yoga on this day.

How many Sawan Mondays left in 2023

 Sawan Somwar 2023   Date  Tithi
4th Sawan Monday (Sawan 4th Somwar 2023)  31st July 2023 (Adhikamas) Trayodashi
5th Sawan Monday (Sawan 5th Somwar 2023) 07 August 2023 (Adhikamas) Saptami
Chhawa Sawan Monday (Sawan 6th Somwar 2023) 14 August 2023 (Adhikamas) Saptami
Seventh Sawan Monday (Sawan 7th Somwar 2023) 21st August 2023 Nagpanchami
eighth Sawan Monday (Last Sawan Monday 2023) 28 August 2023 Dwadashi

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