Janmashtami 2023 Puja: Janmashtami is being celebrated on September 7, so worship Kanha in this Muhurta, know the method

Krishna Janmashtami 2023: Even today, the festival of Janmashtami is being celebrated in foreign countries including India. This year, Janmashtami is on two days, 6 and 7 September 2023, due to the difference in calendar. Krishna Paksha Ashtami date of Bhadrapada month,  Kanha’s birth anniversary has been celebrated on 6th September, coinciding with Rohini Nakshatra and midnight.

On the other hand, those who did not celebrate Janmashtami on this day, are celebrating Krishna Janmotsav on 7th September. Come let’s know the auspicious time of Janmashtami, worship method.

Janmashtami 7 September 2023 Muhurat

According to Panchang, people of Vaishnav sect are celebrating Janmashtami today. Along with this, according to Udayatithi, the festival of Janmashtami is being celebrated on 7th September. Those who have observed Janmashtami fast should worship Kanha at night only, because Krishna was born at night.

  • 5250th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna
  • Nishita Puja Timings – 7th September 2023, 11:56 pm – 8th September 2023, 12:42am
  • Duration – 46 minutes
  • Paran time as per ISKCON – 8th September 2023, after 06:02 am

Bring such an idol of Kanha on Janmashtami according to your wish

Janmashtami child Krishna is established, you can establish whatever form you want on the basis of your wish. To get wealth, establish such an idol of Shri Krishna, which is sitting with Kamdhenu cow. You can install the idol of Bal Krishna for your children. Bring such an idol in which Kanha ji is with Radha ji for love affairs and early marriage.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi

 In the auspicious time at night, bathe the idol of Kanha ji with water and Panchamrit. Adorn God with yellow cloth and sandalwood fragrance. Offer Dhoop-Deep, Naivedya. Recite Krishna Chalisa and perform Aarti at the end.

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