Hartalika Teej 2023: Wear saree and bangles of this color according to zodiac sign on Hartalika Teej, Gauri-Shankar will be very happy.

Hartalika Teej 2023 Vrat Outfit: Hartalika Teej will be celebrated on 19 September 2023. Hartalika Teej is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. This year, there is a combination of Ravi and Ind Yoga on Hartalika Teej.

This is the Suhaag festival, hence on Hartalika Teej, women should do 16 adornments and worship. In such a situation, if saree and bangles are worn according to the zodiac sign, then the devotee gets double the benefit.

Hartalika Teej 2023 Saree Color as per Zodiac Sign (Hartalika Teej 2023 Saree Color as per Zodiac Sign)

Aries –  Women of Aries zodiac should wear red colored saree on the day of Hartalika Teej. Red color is a symbol of love. This increases love between husband and wife and also brings blessings of Mangal Dev.

Taurus –  The lord of Taurus is Moon, whose favorite color is white, but white color is not worn on Hartalika Teej. In such a situation, you can wear silver or golden colored saree and bangles. This relieves the mental stress of the couple. Shiva is very happy.

Gemini –  The symbolic color of Gemini is green. Women of this zodiac sign should be celebrated on Hartalika Teej. Worship should be done wearing green colored saree, suit and bangles. It is believed that this brings happiness in the family. Empty lap gets filled soon.

Cancer –Cancer is also affected by the Moon, in such a situation, women of this zodiac should wear silver and pink colored clothes, this will remove discord in married life. Closeness with your spouse will increase.

Leo –Leo is the sun sign. Sun’s favorite colors are red and orange. On Hartalika Teej, women with Leo zodiac sign should wear sarees and bangles of this color. It is believed that this awakens the feeling of respect between husband and wife. Each other’s thoughts start matching.

Virgo – Women with Virgo zodiac should wear green saree and bangles on Hartalika Teej to achieve good luck, success and prosperity.

Libra – It will be auspicious for women of Libra zodiac to wear pink, silver colored clothes on Hartalika Teej. This enhances beauty and by the grace of Venus, love increases between husband and wife.

Scorpio –  Mars is also the lord of Scorpio. It will be auspicious for women of this zodiac sign to wear red and maroon colored saree today. This will bring good luck to both of you.

Sagittarius –  Women with Sagittarius zodiac sign should wear yellow color on Hartalika Teej. This creates chances of marriage and the married woman gets the blessings of a happy marriage.

Capricorn –  Black color is auspicious for Capricorn people but they do not wear black colored clothes during worship, hence you can wear blue or any dark colored saree today.

Aquarius –  Saturn is also the ruling planet of Aquarius. Therefore, women of this zodiac sign should also wear blue, purple, sky blue colored sarees. This will bless the husband with longevity. There will be progress in job.

Pisces –The lord of Pisces is Jupiter. In such a situation, you should worship on Hartalika Teej wearing yellow or orange colored saree and bangles. This  Will receive the blessings of Mother Parvati and will get the desired groom.

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