Chanakya Niti: Never tell these 3 secrets to your husband, fire starts in a happy household

Chanakya Niti: Husband and wife complement each other but Chanakya Niti says that there are some special things which should not be told to your husband even by mistake. Many kinds of problems have to be faced on mentioning them.

Wife should not tell these things to husband

    • Chanakya says that after marriage, women should tell the evil of their in-laws and their mother-in-law, as well as the secrets of their mother-in-law. Do not mention these things even to your husband. This can create a situation of differences between the two families. It also has a bad effect on the relationship between husband and wife and marital life gets sour.
    • The fruit of charity is received only when the donation given by one hand is not even known to the other hand. It means to say that never praise charity, it ends its effect. In such a situation, if the wife donates, then do not mention this to the husband.
    • According to Chanakya, the wife should keep some part of her husband’s or her own earnings as savings and should not mention it even to her husband. This money comes in handy in the difficult times of the family. If this is not done then the savings can be spent for any reason.

Do these things to make married life successful

  • Wives should never compare their husbands with any other man. Chanakya says that by doing this, the honor and respect of the husband gets hurt and tension starts to arise in the married life. This thing also applies to husbands.
  • According to Chanakya, both husband and wife should behave politely towards each other. With humility one can rule the hearts. Polite behavior drives away anger  Due to which there is less possibility of quarrel among themselves.
  • Chanakya says that controlling anger makes married life successful. When a person is angry, he cannot differentiate between good and bad. In such a situation, there can be a rift in the relationship.

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