Chaitra Purnima 2023: When is Chaitra Purnima? Know the date and significance of the first full moon of the Hindu New Year

Chaitra Purnima 2023 Date and Muhurat: Every full moon date of the year is dedicated to Maa Lakshmi and Chandra Dev. According to the Hindu calendar, this is the last day of the month. Now the month of Chaitra is going on. The full moon of Chaitra has special significance in Hinduism. According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Chaitra is the first month of the year and Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on this day, hence the full moon of this month is considered very important.  There is a tradition of worshiping Lord Vishnu and his incarnations on full moon day, especially on this date one should listen to the story of Lord Satyanarayana. Let us know the date, auspicious time and significance of the full moon of Chaitra month this year.

Chaitra Purnima 2023 Date

According to Panchang, this year the full moon date of Chaitra month will start on 5 April 2023 at 09.19 am and will end on 06 April 2023 at 10.04 am. On the day of Chaitra Purnima  There is a ritual of fasting, bathing in the holy river and worshiping Shri Hari, Bajrangbali.

This year Chaitra Purnima fast will be observed on 5 April 2023. On the other hand, according to the rising date, the full moon bath will take place on 6 April 2023. Hanuman Janmotsav will also be celebrated on 6 April 2023 only.

Chaitra Purnima Significance

Chaitra Purnima is also called Chaiti Poonam. In Treta Yug, on the full moon of Chaitra month, Lord Shiva’s Anshavatar and supreme devotee of Shri Ram, Hanuman ji was born at the place of mother Anjani and father Kesari. On the same day, Lord Shri Krishna composed Raas with the gopis in Braj, which is known as Maharas. It is believed that the houses of those who worship Goddess Lakshmi at night on Chaitra Purnima are filled with wealth and grains. On the other hand, on this day all the troubles of those who donate sesame, water, clothes, grains, soil are destroyed. Keep in mind that donations should reach only those in need.

Benefits of Moon worship on Chaitra Purnima (Chaitra Purnima Chandra Puja benefit)

According to astrology, full moon date directly affects the mind and body of a human being, because the moon is considered to be the factor of mind and matter. On the full moon night, the moon remains full of 16 arts. It is said that on this day full moon has maximum effect on the mind of a person, which gives him mental peace and health.

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