Ramadan 2023 Sehri-Iftar Timing 16 April: Know the timings of Sehri-Iftar for 16 April in your city including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna

Ramadan 2023 Sehri-Iftar Timing 16 April in India: Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, has started from 24 March 2023. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset i.e. from sunrise to sunset without eating or drinking. You can get an idea of ​​the importance of fasting from this hadith that even before the order of Ramadan came, Muhammad used to pray for Ramadan.

It is said that one day when he was with Sahaba Ikram They were welcoming Ramzan, then Mohammad Sahib asked the Sahaba, whom are you all welcoming? According to Hadith Bukhari Sharif, along with keeping away from food and drink, the eyes, ears, nose and mouth all fast. That’s why along with fasting in Ramadan, instructions have also been given not to say bad words, think bad about anyone and not hurt anyone.

Sehri and Iftari in Ramadan

Sehri means morning. In the morning, something is eaten after fasting. This food eaten in the morning is called Sehri. On the other hand, Iftar means breaking the ban. As soon as the azaan of Maghrib is done in the evening, the bandish i.e. the fast ends. That’s why it is called Iftari.

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Rojedar will observe the 24th Roza. The timings of Sehri and Iftar are considered important for opening and keeping the fast, which varies from day to day and from city to city. Know the right time for Sehri and Iftar for April 16 in other cities including Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Patna.  

Ramadan 2023 Sehri-Iftar Timing 16 April in India


City NameSehri TimeIftar time
Delhi4:32 in the morning6:50 pm
Agra04:33 in the morning6:45 pm
Lucknow4:21 in the morning6:33 pm
Mumbai5:05 in the morning6:57 pm
Kolkata3:58 in the morning5:58 pm
Hyderabad4:43 in the morning6:51 pm
Meerut4:29 in the morning6:48 pm
Aligarh4:30 in the morning6:46 pm
Kanpur4:24 in the morning6:35 pm
Ahmedabad5:01 in the morning7:02 pm
Srinagar 4:30 in the morning7:10 pm
Bhopal4:41 in the morning6:45 pm
Patna4:06 in the morning6:14 p.m.
Jaipur4:41 in the morning6:55 pm


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