Raghu Ram didn’t leave Roadies, he was forced to leave the show! Preparation was to make ‘Badhua Mazdoor’

Raghu Ram. The name in the world of Indian television who started the show ‘Roadies’ in 2003 along with twin brothers Rajeev Laxman and RJ Amit. A show that tests the physical and mental strength of the contestants. ‘Roadies’ became extremely popular. One of its elders was Raghu Ram himself. This was the first time when someone used to abuse fearlessly on National TV. He used to insult the contestants a lot. Because of this, Raghu Ram was criticized a lot, but his judgment and cool style were also convinced by all. Since then, 19 seasons of ‘Roadies’ have come. From Rannvijay Singh to Ayushmann Khurrana, the show has made headlines. But in 2014, everyone got a big shock when the show’s creator Raghu Ram decided to leave ‘Roadies’.

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