Radha Mohan 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan questions the watchman outside the cold storage

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Mohan while driving the car thinks their daughter has had the dinner so now Radha should also eat the food if she desires to stay alive, Radha apologizes to Mohan, exclaiming she knows he has not had anything to eat, she is still eating the food because she would not be able to stay alive without it, until he is not able to find her. Radha slowly takes the chocolate towards her mouth and tries to bite it however it is really tough due to the cold weather, she slowly starts eating it but then starts coughing as she cannot swallow it properly. The parchment with the heart drawn on it flies towards the blowers.

Gungun refuses to eat any more food when Kadambari requests her to have some more food for their sake, Damini whispers to kaveri how Gungun should have also died, Rahul not being able to bear it explains she can do whatever she desires to Radha but must not think wrong about Gungun informing he also loves Gungun the same as Mohan. Damini apologizes to Rahul explaining she is really worried which is why her tongue slipped, Kaveri informs neither Gungun nor even Radha is going to die, Damini is not able to understand anything so Kaveri informs Radha would be eating various flavors of the delicious ice cream, Damini getting frustrated crawls to the other side of the couch.

Radha resting her head against the pillar, thinks her hunger has been quenched for a few hours but she thinks she cannot bear this cold as it can take her life, she exclaims she has to live till seven thirty in the morning. Radha wonders what is the desire of Bihari jee as he controls everything, and the cold which is for their benefit is now going to be the reason that she dies. Radha further mentions this cold wind will surely take her life if she does not do anything to stop it. Radha prays to Bihari jee that she could be saved only with the hot rays from the sun, she looks at her bag which she picks up, Radha puts her had it and finds a match box, she remembers how she saw Rahul hiding around the house, she got suspicious of his actions only to follow him and find out that he was trying to light a cigarette, she then stopped him before he could light it questioning if he is a chain smoker. She snatched the match box from her hand, explaining he is even ruining his own health asking if he does not know how the cigarette will ruin his life, Rahul warned her to not try and lecture him as he will only do what he desires, Radha informs that one must worry for their family as all their actions have an impact on the entire family. Radha explains she knows he does not consider her as his sister-in-law, requesting him to think what would Gungun think about him. Rahul refused to listen to anything instructing her to go and do what she does best, Radha threatened to tell Mohan, hearing it Rahul got really scared so requested her to not tell Mohan bhai anything as he is already furious with him, Radha after placing the match box in her bag left for the office.

Radha is glad to see the match box, she mentions she just asked for a little warmth, but he gave her a way with which she can be really warm. Radha really appreciates Bihari jee for his help.

Mohan standing outside the cold storage is calling Radha, but she is not able to hear anything and is just sitting beside the shelf.
Ajeet and Ketki also rush to Mohan informing they have searched everywhere but no one has seen Radha, Ketki also wonders how are they going to find Radha now. Tulsi prays to Bihari jee for a sign with which they can find Radha.

Mohan notices that the watchman is sleeping on the chair, Ketki asks Mohan to go and search while she will talk with him, Mohan and Ajeet both rush to find Radha. Ketki wakes up the watchman who blames her for scaring him an then is about to hit her, Mohan slaps him questioning what is he talking about, the watchman says that a girl scared him, Mohan asks about the name when Ashok gets really scared.
Radha sitting against the shelf starts collecting all of the pieces of the cardboard placed around her, however she is not able to move properly due to the immense cold weather, she even screams from the pain, the weather in the cold storage has reached to minus twenty-two degrees. Radha places the small pieces of the card board to make a stack, she tries to light the match however is not able to do it, the matches tend to keep breaking. Radha does not lose hope and keeps trying her best to light them yet the matches only keep breaking, Radha gets nervous while taking out the second last match from the box, she slowly places it against the box and it finally lights up. Radha slowly takes her hand towards the cardboard pile but the match still dies down due to the cold weather. Radha after praying takes out the last match, she pleads to Bihari jee for some blessing as she needs to live for some more time, as she wants to live for her daughter and life partner. Radha while reciting the Mantar takes out the last match stick from the box and while still reciting it she is about to light it however she understands it will not light like this, she therefor starts crawling to the other side and then lights a small piece in the corner, she tries to make sure that it does not die down before very carefully bringing it to the rest of the pile that she has made, she places the burning piece causing the fire to spread, due to it the temperature in the cold storage also starts to fall.

Mohan angrily questions the watchman to tell him about the girl and how did she look like, the watchman is really scared. Radha meanwhile is glad that she is getting some warmth.

Precap: Ajeet says they are not informing the police because it would cause a problem for the custody case of Gungun, Mohan however agrees that they must inform the police. Mohan and Ajeet along with Ketki start walking to the car, Radha tries calling him not realizing that the card board cover has caught fire, she starts rolling which results in something falling. Mohan gets shocked hearing the noise.

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