Radha Mohan 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan finds out about Damini’s plans

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Radha thinks she would have to find out who sent him the text and what is the secret in the cabin of Damini, as both of these events are relating to the death of Tulsi.

Kaveri entering the house exclaims that she is glad they have returned back home because they would have surely died, Damini exclaims that she is sure Tulsi desired to attack her but she got hurt after the attack of Guru maa, she wonders what happened to Tulsi. Tulsi is lying beside the couch thinking that Damini was saved today but she will surely make her pay the price for what she has done to Radha. Tulsi recalls how Guru maa said that the only time when a soul could not enter any place is if there is something relating to the death of that person, Tulsi thinks she has to tell Radha.

Damini and Kaveri enter the room when Damini asks if she saw the face of Guru maa, Kaveri replies she was busy in protecting herself.

Tulsi lying beside the couch thinks she cannot fight Guru maa as she is really powerful, Tulsi thinks she has to inform Radha about what happened because Guru maa is not only related to Damini and kaveri but also with her death.
In the morning Mohan slowly wakes up when he turns to see Radha sleeping beside him, Mohan removes the curtain as he sis mesmerized to see the face of Radha, she also wakes up and starts smiling seeing that Mohan is staring at her. Mohan gets even more close to her, she keeps smiling looking at him when some of her hair come onto her face, Mohan slowly removes them when Radha does not say anything, suddenly the curtain falls on Mohan, he then starts screaming so even Radha also screams, he says she came very close to him when Radha asks how did he know that she came close as he could have also come to her. Mohan gets stunned seeing that his buttons are open when he says she is the one who opened them but Radha assures her she did not do anything wrong. Radha asks if Mohan thinks he is a hero of Gungun’s move, Mohan says he is not any less so starts showing Radha his face from the sides and then even the front, Radha says he is really more even in weight, and facial structure. Mohan asks if she knows what a hero does to the villain as he tends to make the villain run and then follows him, Radha starts running while Mohan is following, she stops in the hall only to see that he is smiling, she stops him using a vase placed on the console. Mohan is tricked by it and then stops her by holding her hair, Radha once again tries to make a fool of him by waving as if there is someone standing behind him, Radha smiling start throwing flowers at him so he can not follow her, but Mohan holds her throwing the flowers in the air. Radha apologizes to him when Mohan turns away so Radha once again runs away after hitting him on the shoulder she runs into the clothes while Mohan follows her, he starts searching for when she starts throwing water on him using the water pipe, Mohan manages to take it from her and then does the same to Radha, he after a while is not affected by it but Mohan keeps teasing her, she finally runs into the clothes and once again apologizes to him as he is standing in front of her, but she then starts making weird faces seeing which Mohan gets angry, Radha while trying to run falls down and Mohan also falls over her, they both are trapped in the cloth. Mohan keeps staring at Radha who is on the floor. Mohan tries to get up however falls down over Radha once again, the entire family come out and are shocked to see them both.

Kadambari questions what is going on here, Mohan explains they both got stuck so asks Radha to get up but she is not able to stand, Ajeet says he feels they both are in the same cloth, Kadambari scolds him and then asks both Radha and Mohan what is going on here, Gungun asks if she does not see the moves as they both are having romance, Kadambari hits Gungun on the head.

Kaveri questions if they all did not see what is going on because they both would talk alone but are now romancing in the open, Radha leaves saying she would go and make breakfast, Mohan replies he would go and look at the breakfast, hearing which everyone is shocked so he then says he will look at it, they are still not able to understand when Mohan finally replies he will go and eat it, asking if it is fine. Mohan also runs away, Kaveri angrily throws the saree when Kadmabari once again hits Gungun saying she has started talking like elders so she takes her away to teach her a lesson. Kaveri says to Damini that the differences are ending as Gungun was right to say that they both were having a romance which never happened with Damini, and her time has come so she should pack her bags and leave this house. Kaveri says she will curse Ketki right now, she asks if Damini saw how they both were acting like the hero and heroine in the movies. Damini says that it also happened before between Mohan and Tulsi, she vows to end their love story before it even starts. Damini calls Nikhil instructing him to give the peon a leave since someone else would do his work, Mohan gets furious hearing it. Damini thinks Radha does not know that whatever mistakes she will make in this house, she would have to pay the price for them in the office.

Radha is worried thinking she got very late so Damini would get the chance to scold her, the door ae closed when Radha wonders if Tulsi is here, she gives Radha the signal seeing which Radha asks if there is anything which she wants to tell her, Tulsi does not know how to inform her about Guru maa.

Mohan enters the room asking Radha where is she going, she requests him to not be mad at her but she is going to the office, Mohan gets tensed while Radha is looking for Tulsi, Mohan questions why is she not paying him any attention, he explains he has heard Damini instruct some Nikhil to give the peon a day off, this means she is going to torture Radha today when Radha says he should let it happen and Damini can do whatever she desires as she cannot stay back home. Mohan mentions he is going to talk to Damini, Radha explains she has always remained in the protection of her father and here she has Mohan jee but she would have to stand on her feet one day, and face the entire world. She knows that no one likes her in the office as they call her an illiterate person, but she cannot stay back home because of it, she will surely defeat Damini in her own way. Mohan exclaims that she is not going to listen so asks her to not leave. Mohan brings a cloth for her, instructing her to wear it, Radha asks who does this saree belong to, Mohan mentions it is of Tulsi, Mohan questions why is she wearing such saree informing that she has to dress according to the designated place as Radha got dressed as if she is going to act in a play. Radha starts smiling when Mohan asks from where did she came, she says he said she is like a heroine so does he really feel like it, Mohan gets frustrated asking if she understood just it in the entire conversation, Mohan says he does not have his stick otherwise would have taught her a lesson, Radha leaves to wear it. Tulsi wonders how can she tell Radha about Guru maa.

Guru maa sitting in her lair removes all of her rings, she then wears the black gloves on her hands, and the black gown thinking she got the fruit after so many years as if Damini, Kaveri and Tulsi had seen her face then all of things would have been ruined, she takes out a watch which she uses to change her voice, exclaiming she is a friend of Damini and Kaveri as Guru maa while is their enemy dressed as the person in the black dress, she thinks when the truth is revealed then even Radha and Mohan would not be able to do harm her, she burns the photo of Mohan and Radha.

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