Radha Mohan 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha starts to suspect Tulsi

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Radha asks Mohan to come and lie down, she starts massaging his head. Damini wonders if this pain of Mohan brings Radha even closer to him.

Damini gets startled when someone touches her from behind, she is relieved to see Kaveri who starts signaling something when Kaveri explains that if Tulsi finds out about her then she is surely going to beat her, Damini says she doensot know about Tulsi but Radha is surely trying to ruin her as she is instigating Mohan to come to the office and if it happens then everything would be ruined. Kaveri once again starts signaling when she informs they have to find out why Tulsi was not able to enter the cabin, she suggests they should go to meet Guru maa first thing in the morning however Damini says they have to go meet her right now because they do not have very much time owing to the speed with which Radha is trying to find out about their past. Damini informs but first they have to find out what truth of Tulsi is in her cabin informing them they cannot do anything to Radha because of how clever Tulsi is, Kaveri once again signals her when Damini requests her to come.

Radha thinks she cannot believe Tulsi would send such a message to Mohan, she starts recalling when Mohan read the text to her so thinks she has to talk with Tulsi and question why did she sent such a text. Radha entering the call starts calling Tulsi requesting her to give a sign, she explains she has today found out that nothing is certain because she kept believing that Tulsi was never wrong and everyone had always tried to harm but she was wrong to think Tulsi can never be wrong and think of her as her idol, but she was wrong. Tulsi says she has not done anything wrong, Radha informs Mohan fought with his own family to marry her and even loved her, she says when Tulsi went from this house, he tried a lot to bring her back but she in return sent him such a text in which she has blamed him. Tulsi requests Radha to listen as she has not done anything of the sort, Radha says that Tulsi even hid the biggest news from Mohan, Tulsi question how can she do anything of the sort to Mohan. Radha requests her to give a sign if she has sent a sign, Radha then asks her to give a sign if she did not send those texts, Radha causes the lamp to fall seeing which Radha is stunned. Tulsi questions how could she do it when she was waiting for the call of Mohan, and if she had gotten even a single call then would have come back. Radha asks if Tulsi knows who had sent those texts to Mohan, Tulsi replies even she did not know anything about them but only got to know it today. Radha wonders then who would have sent Mohan those texts.

Damini and Kaveri are running from the house when Kaveri thinks that Radha is acting like a detective and even has a support of Tulsi, Damini explains they have to question guru maa what I in her cabin due to which Tulsi cannot enter so they can use it against her. Damini and Kaveri sit in the car when Kaveri asks if it is right to go to Guru maa at this time, she explains she feels Guru maa is half of a churail so they would go to her tomorrow, Damini informs they do not have that much time because if Radha finds out about the proof then would get even another weapon to use against them so they are going to her right now, Tulsi sitting on top of the car assures she is also going to meet Guru maa who first kept her outside the house for so long then caused her to be trapped in it, she exclaims she has to find out about Guru maa if she wants to help Radha.

Radha walks into the room with water, she notices Mohan is restless and he immediately sits up, she questions what has happened to him before bringing water for him, he drinks an entire glass when Mohan explains he was feeling restless so woke up, she instructs him to take deep breaths while Radha is constantly massaging his hand, Mohan starts thinking all about the moments spent with Tulsi and when she finally decided to leave, he signals he is feeling fine when Radha asks if she can bring some more water for him. Radha asks does he know why is he so restless, she explains it is because he is still living in his past and has not been able to move on, Mohan asks her to tell him what can he do to move on, Radha replies that she has learned they have to sort out things in the present if they want to forget the past. Radha exclaims she does not feel Tulsi has sent those texts to him. Mohan questions what is she saying because the texts came from the number of Tulsi, Radha also starts thinking about them, she explains she is sure Tulsi can never say such things to him and as far the fight goes, it started from the office then is also going to end. Radha suggests it is the only way to move on and forget his past, she explains he has to once again start going to the office. Mohan asks what is she saying when he informed her that he only has painful memories from that office, Radha replies then she would make good memories for him but he says he will not go and even stop Radha.

Radha refuses saying she will surely go to office, she accepts she will got a bit emotional today but will surely go since she has to find out the truth, she desired they both should work together and reveal all the secrets relating to the office and house but it is fine if he does not want to go, as she will fulfill both the roles and find out why Damini wanted to oust Tulsi from both the office and this house, so if the husband does not want to support his wife then she has to fight all of the problems by herself and she is sure she would do it by herself, Mohan explains there is no need to behave like this because he will not come to hep her, Radha smiling says he is the one who needs protection, he asks the reason when she says he has forgotten, she turning his face whispers that she is the Shalu churail, Mohan explains he is going to kiss Sahlu if she comes back, the lamps start flickering when Mohan removes the hand of Radha before covering himself in the quilt, Radha starts laughing.

Damini and Kaveri both are sitting in front of Guru maa, Kaveri hesitantly explains they have come to find out why Tulsi was not able to enter the cabin, Guru maa throws the dice. Tulsi questions how can she be the guru maa when she is still supporting them both, she is not worthy to be called Maa when she cannot see the pain of a little girl and the problems of their family, Guru maa informs when soul cannot touch something then it means that they are relating to her death, so if Tulsi is not able to enter the cabin then it means the cabin contains some secrets relating to her death. Damini and Kaveri both are shocked. Tulsi is also stunned thinking the cabin has the proof relating to her death, she wonders how can it happen when she died at the house of her mother.

Guru maa says that the ghosts cannot touch the things until they contain the blood of them, she asks Damini to think what is in that cabin, Damini is really worried explaining there is something which if someone gets would reveal the true reason of the death of Tulsi, meanwhile Tulsi thinks how does Guru maa know about her past, she thinks that she would surely find out the truth about her identity and will surely see her face today. Tulsi slowly starts walking towards Guru maa to see her face.

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