Radha Mohan 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan reveals the truth to Radha

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Mohan mentions he cannot do it anymore as he cannot relive the memories of Tulsi, Radha replies he has to do it since she wants to know whose evil eye ruined his love story and what happened that he separated from Tulsi, she exclaims he should tell her what happened. Mohan informs that Tulsi stopped when he made her swear, Tulsi says how could she leave him since she loved him but she is still bounded by the swear of his, she recalls when Mohan made her swear that she will not come in front of his family nor try to harm anyone of them. Radha thinks they cannot comprehend the problem Tulsi had to face because she was trying to protect her family, however did not had the support of her husband.

Mohan explains that the good news had ended all of the differences between them and he was really excited, even Tulsi got really happy after which they both started to once again enjoy their life. Mohan mentions then that evil day came when he was working in the office and Tulsi came running demanding that Mohan should oust Damini from this office and even their house. Mohan requested Tulsi to not create such drama when she replied she is telling the truth and then Damini came, Tulsi requested him to send her away, Damini asked if she had done anything wrong, Mohan forcefully took her to the cabin explaining that he cannot send Damini away because she is already tensed when they both got married, she has finally been able to forget everything by working in the office. Tulsi asks if she tries to harm them and their child then it would be fine. Mohan asks what is she saying when Tulsi replies she is telling the truth, Damini coming exclaims it is enough because she did not say anything to Tulsi even when she kept blaming her, Damini mentions she cannot even kill a mosquito but Tulsi is putting such a big blame on her, Tulsi tries to suffocate her when Mohan requests her to stop saying it is enough, Damini asks what does Tulsi want, that she should leave this office so she agrees to leave, Damini mentioned she has nothing left because her father died when she was a child, so she was brought up in the house of her aunt and uncle while Tulsi even got Mohan, after which she started working in the press so if Tulsi desires she should also leave the last hope she has of living. Mohan stopped Damini explaining she is not going to go anywhere, Tulsi requested Mohan to let her go as it would be the best option for them but Mohan argued that they are only able to live peacefully because of Damini as she has taken over all of the stress of this office. Tulsi warned that he is going to pay for his decisions when Mohan still said that Damini will not go anywhere, Tulsi replied if this is his decision then she is going to go away because neither her child nor she is safe until Damini is around. Tulsi ended their relation on the spot, Mohan mentioned he cannot let her leave but she replied she is going to leave after ending all of the relations, Tulsi said she has tried a lot to reveal the truth but does not know what kind of trust does he have in Damini as he only sees what she tries to make him see however it is enough so now she is going to leave with their child and just prays that he gets to see the true face of Damini very soon, but is worried that it might get very late till that time. Mohan mentions it was the last time he saw Tulsi alive, which is why when Radha took the name of Tulsi, all these sufferings once again became fresh. Mohan mentions he cannot make the same mistake again so explains he is not going to let Radha go to the office. Radha tries to explain herself however Mohan demands she should listen to her because that office is not good for him, he says she thinks he is lazy which is why he does not go to office, but the truth is that he keeps remembering the past and wonders why did he let Tulsi go because had he stopped her then she would have been alive. Radha mentions that it was bound to happen so they cannot even change it, she requests him to stop blaming himself for the death of Tulsi.

Radha says he should not feel bad but the truth is that when they love someone then they should also believe them and stand by their decisions because they know that the person would never do anything wrong, Mohan knew how much Tulsi loved him and Gungun, if she had any doubt regarding Damini being his wife and the mother of Gungun then they cannot be wrong, she says that like he supported her when it related to Bhushan uncle just like that he should have at least trusted Tulsi, because how much she has been able to understand Tulsi was not wrong but it was Damini who was at fault, Damini gets shocked hearing it. Radha says to Mohan that it is possible, Damini exclaims Radha put the question in the mind of Mohan which he did not think about, she thinks if Mohan started finding out the proof then her biggest truth would be revealed.

Radha exclaims she knows Mohan trusts Damini a lot but she has understood that Damini has always tried to ruin the happily married life of Mohan, he says that he never got any proof of what Tulsi said. Radha replies Mohan only believed what he was shown but it is not that it should always be the truth, she asks how did he let Tulsi leave when he knows that she loved him a lot. Mohan asks if Radha thinks he did not try to bring her back, he texted and even called her a lot but he felt as if Tulsi removed him from her heart and forgot him, Radha says she cannot believe that Tulsi forgot him. Mohan mentions now he is going to show her what he has always kept hidden, Damini gets worried.

Mohan getting up goes to pick her phone, he informs he used to call her ten times in a day and would even text her but does she know what reply Tulsi gave him. He hands the phone to Radha but then taking it back exclaims he will read it, he reads how Tulsi said it was her biggest mistake to marry him and he should forget her as she will never come back and her relation with him has ended forever, she has not seen such a two faced person as him because of which he is not worthy to live with her and they do not deserve the love of anyone, neither does she love him nor has any care for him even if he lives or dies. Mohan starts crying, explaining this is what Tulsi send her after all the texts and messages, he accepts he should have not let his wife leave but are all the men wrong but this time Tulsi was wrong, he explains the most important moment for a father is when his child is born, as they also feel all the emotions at that moment. He accepts a mother keeps the child in the womb for nine months but for father that particular moment is important and he tends to keep it in his vision for the rest of his life but Tulsi took them from him as she never informed him about the birth of Gungun, but was she that furious that she took her own life, he exclaims she took her own life just to punish him and he has kept dying each and every day. Radha thinks that Tulsi was wrong here. Mohan starts crying exclaiming did he deserve such a big punishment, Radha hugs Mohan exclaiming he should just calm down and it is enough.

Radha sits beside Mohan on the bed who is still crying while even Radha gets emotional, she places a cushion on her lap asking Mohan to lie down and relax, she starts massaging his hair while Mohan is still crying. Damini wonders if this pain of Mohan brings Radha even more close to him, she is really tensed.

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