Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal leaves the house

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Scene 1
Dua says I helped Ruhan flee but there is a reason behind it. You have to listen to me Haider. You have to know. Hina goes to Haider She says stop it Dua. We’re done with your lies. No one is interested. Haider doesn’t trusted you. You have destroyed this house and our respect. Dua says my entire world is being destroyed. I will tell the truth today. I cared enough for your respect but not anymore. She says Haider.. He says how dare you talk to your mom like that? She say I am speaking the truth. Sameer says to Noor don’t worry. Everything will be fine. A cute face like yours doesn’t look good when sad. You’re very wise. She says thanks. Gulnaaz comes there and says what is happening here? Noor says nothing. Gulnaaz asks Noor to leave. Gulnaaz grabs Sameer’s collars and says stay away from my daughter. He says she’s pretty like your daughter. I am away from her, I can come close though. Gulnaaz says I will break your teeth. Gazal says you should be happy your son is free and our plan worked. Before Dua tells Haider the secret we have to do our second attack. Sameer says her game will be over this time. She says well done. She says go an work on my plan.

Hina says Dua stop it. Haider says let her speak. I want to know what is the reason she had to behave this way. Dua says I am sorry ammi. God knows I am right. Hina says I will never forgive you. Dua says Gazal wants to destroy this family. She wants to this because.. Gulnaaz comes there and says Gazal has left the house. Haider says what? Sameer says we tried to stop her but she was very angry. Gulnaaz says yes she left. She was saying she would harm herself. Sameer says she can’t tolerate this insult. She will kill herself. Please save her. He creis. Dua says she’s doing another drama. Hia says God will never forgive you. Please save Gazal. Please. Haider says I will find her. He goes out. Dua says you won’t go anywhere. This is all her plan. He shoves Dua and says I’ve to go. He says I don’t want to be responsible for an innocent person’s death. You’re her culprit. I will never forgive you for this. Dua sits there and cries. She recalls what Gazal said. she runs after haider’s car. Dua cries. Ravi says Gazal will have to lose. SHe has manipulated Haider. She says please find Ruhan. He might be in danger. Dua cries.

Dua says to Rahat please stop Haider. Hina says have some shame. Do you have any shame? You pushed her to suicide and you don’t want anyone to save her? Dua says I care for your all. She’s doing a drama. This is all her plan. Hina says enough. You’re the one who played with us. You accused a girl. You made my enemies. Ruhan is so innocent, he left the house. Gazal wants to kill herself. You gave another sin in my book. Dua says why would I do that to my family? Hina says you might enjoy it. You will never be happy. Haider trusted you and you ashamed him as well. Everything is shattered and you’re responsible for it. Rahat asks her to calm down. Hina says let me speak. She says you’re snake who poisoned this house. You will never be happy. Hina faints. Dua screams and holds her.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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