Queen Elizabeth: A conspiracy was hatched to kill Queen Elizabeth on US tour, FBI revealed after 40 years

FBI On Queen Elizabeth Killing Conspiracy: American investigative agency FBI has made a big disclosure about the late Queen Elizabeth II. The investigating agency has claimed that Britain’s former Queen Elizabeth was threatened with death in 1983. When she visited California with her husband Prince Philip. 

According to the FBI, a San Francisco police officer received this threat on February 4, about a month before Elizabeth’s visit. The same police officer had informed the FBI about this, which increased the concern of the investigating agency. Documents released by the FBI revealed that US officials protected the late queen from threats by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). 

The man wanted to avenge his daughter’s death 

According to the revelations of the FBI, a man wanted to avenge his daughter’s death. A daughter of the man who threatened the Queen was killed by a rubber bullet in Ireland. He considered the monarchy of Britain responsible for this. Actually, the person who wanted to kill the queen himself had told the whole thing to the police officer in the pub. However, the FBI has not shared any information related to whether the person making the threats was arrested or not. 

Such was the plan to kill the queen 

According to the confidential documents, the man also claimed that he was trying to harm Queen Elizabeth. He said that he would drop an object on the Queen as the Royal yacht Britannia passed under the Golden Gate Bridge or attempt to kill Queen Elizabeth when she visited Yosemite National Park. Keeping this in mind, the security agencies were prepared. The Queen’s tour was completed according to its schedule. Significantly, in September last year, the Queen of Britain died at the age of 96. 

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