Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao rejects Ahilya’s plan

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malerao threatening Vaishnavi a lot. He hides seeing everyone coming. Ahilya asks why were you scared. Narmada says no. Ahilya asks is anyone threatening you. Narmada says no, I didn’t leave my house and village ever, that’s why I got scared. Ahilya says I can understand, if you get much scared, then you can come to my room and sleep. Narmada says no, I m fine here. Ahilya asks her to sleep.

Malerao asks Narmada to leave, the guards will help her. He goes. Narmada sits crying. Ahilya says Narmada wanted to tell something else think about it, a little girl has never stepped out of her village, but now she has come here to ask my help, I can see she is scared of someone, someone is threatening her, I feel all this is connected. Ahilya comes to the darbar. Nobody gives her attention. Tukoji thinks they aren’t giving her any respect and attention. She asks him to forget it. Tukoji and Yashwant ask Ahilya to highlight the water problem. He asks Gangoba why isn’t the darbar proceeding starting. Gangoba says it can’t start until Malerao comes. Ahilya says let it be. Tukoji says fine. Malerao comes. Everyone greets him. Malerao asks do you like to break the rules you have made, won’t you follow the Darbar rules.

Ahilya agrees to stand up. Gangoba asks her not to stand. He asks Malerao are you insulting your mum in the darbar, mother’s place is superior to Lord. Malerao says you are getting emotional for no reason, I m doing what my mum has taught me, she said that when a King comes to the darbar, everyone should stand in respect. He argues with Gangoba. He sits in Ahilya’s feet and says I have given her respect now. Gangoba says I meant to say… Malerao says I don’t want to hear what you want to say and explain, I will sit here in my mum’s feet today. Tukoji asks him to stamp the water project plan, then the project can begin. Malerao checks the papers. The guard comes to Narmada and asks why aren’t you ready. He guides her to leave from the palace. He says my men will help you go out, if you get caught, then you will die. She nods. Malerao says everyone wants to contribute to solve this problem, it seems this is becoming a family matter, I have no objection, I respect Ahilya’s thinking but she has taught me to follow the rules, we will have voting done in the darbar. He tells the rules of the voting. He asks am I going right, am I doing any partiality, it will be decided by votes. A maid comes and asks Narmada what happened to her. Narmada says I have a headache. The maid asks shall I call Rajya vaid. Narmada says no, I will sleep for sometime, don’t send anyone here. She keeps pillows in her place and leaves. The voting is done. Gangoba says the voting is against this plan, but I want the darbar to think again about it. Malerao says so, we reject this plan because of the majority of votes being against it. Ahilya, Tukoji and Yashwant leave. Gangoba feels bad. Malerao smiles.

Narmada is leaving the palace. Ahilya asks who gave you these clothes. Narmada says your son tried to make me leave the palace.

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