Pro-Khalistan Extremists in Britain: Shocking revelations in the British review report, Sunak government shaken by the threat of Khalistan

Pro-Khalistan Extremists in Britain: Now PM Rishi Sunak-led government is preparing to take action on the misdeeds of pro-Khalistan extremists in Britain. Whereas, an independent report commissioned by former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson "The Bloom Review" (The Bloom Review) has highlighted the existence of an extremely vocal and aggressive minority of British Sikhs who have been described as pro-Khalistan extremists.

"The Bloom Review" Extremist Sikh organizations mentioned in the report
The report has shown that the subversive, sectarian and discriminatory activities of some vocal groups of Sikhs do not reflect the true nature of the majority of British Sikh communities. However, their activities have adversely affected these communities, making it important for the government to take steps to define and deal with such harmful elements.

The threats were made by a pro-Khalistan group
Bloom Review presents more than 21,000 responses as evidence, posing a series of questions about whether How do people of all religions view the government’s association with faith organizations? It has also been told in the report that Lord Singh of Wimbledon, who is associated with the House of Lords Conduct Committee, was ill-treated to silence him. He claimed that he was being threatened and harassed by certain individuals and organisations, who were seeking to restrain him from expressing views contrary to theirs on Sikh issues. A key pro-Khalistan organization behind the abuse of Lord Singh was the Sikh Federation UK (SFUK), which runs the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), an informal cross-party group for British Sikhs.

Pressure on government to act
Colin Bloom reports that there may be some overlap of membership between some Sikh groups operating in the UK and those banned. The report recommended that the All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs take note of these findings and that parliamentary authorities take steps to prevent the involuntary hosting of individuals and organizations associated with bullying, harassment and subversive behaviour. The main recommendation of the report has been that the British Government should "Extremist activity should be clearly defined and examined and it should be identified to what extent such elements are present within the Sikh community." Further the report says, "Steps should be taken to develop a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of subversive and sectarian Sikh extremist activity"

Demand for a ban on pro-Khalistan terrorists 
Bloom’s report is also important because it exposes the misdeeds of those elements (pro-Khalistan supporters) who attack the Indian High Commission in the UK. were vandalizing. Indo-UK relations were affected after those incidents earlier this year. Britain had assured the security of the Indian mission after the incident. Also, the issue of attack on the Indian consulate was also raised in the British Parliament, where MP Bob Blackman demanded a ban on pro-Khalistan terrorists.

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