PM Modi will install ‘Sengol’ symbol of transfer of power in the new Parliament House: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah told during a press conference that the new Parliament House will be inaugurated on May 28. This day is going to be very special, because during this time the Prime Minister will accept Sengal, which is an important thing related to our civilization.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament House on May 28. The new parliament is proof of the foresight of the Prime Minister. 60 thousand Shram Yogis contributed in the construction of this new Parliament House. The Prime Minister will honor all these Shram Yogis. A new tradition is also going to start on the day of inauguration of the new Parliament House. On this day, there will also be a place of Shangul in the Parliament House. Our civilization is also connected with this object. Shangul is considered a symbol of the transfer of power from the British to India. It belongs to the Chola Empire. And Nandi is also made on it. It is very important for the history of India.

Amit Shah told that PM Modi will accept Sengol on the day of inauguration of the new Parliament House. Shah said that on August 14, 1947, this Sengol was transferred by the British to the Indians. However, the surprising thing is why it has not come before us till now? On August 14, 1947, at 10.45 pm, this Sangol, brought from Tamil Nadu, was accepted. This was the completion of the process of transfer of power.

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