PM Modi Australia Visit: Anthony Albanese and PM Modi said thank you to each other, the relationship between the two countries was also mentioned

PM Modi Australia Visit: Today is the last day of PM Modi’s Australia tour. In his three-day visit, PM Modi participated in many different programs and met leaders. During this, the PM addressed thousands of Indian expatriates at Sydney’s Olympic Park. After this PM Modi was also given a guard of honor in Sydney. During this, Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese was also present with PM Modi. During the mega show held in Sydney, PM Albanese of Australia thanked PM Modi for his visit. At the same time, PM Modi told Albanese that he was overwhelmed by such a grand welcome. 

Australia to have Little India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Indians said that today the strongest and biggest foundation of India-Australia relations is ‘mutual trust and mutual respect’ And the credit for this goes to every overseas Indian and Australian citizen living in Australia. A suburb of Australia was renamed as ‘Little India’ in the presence of PM Modi. to be done. Which shows the strong ties between the two strategic partners. The PM also thanked the Australian PM for this. 

PM Modi said, "In the same year, I got the opportunity to welcome your Prime Minister in Ahmedabad. Today, he has supported me in unveiling the foundation stone of Little India here, I express my gratitude to him. Thank you my friend Anthony… This Little India is also a recognition of the contribution of the Indian community in the development of Australia."

Anthony Albanese praised PM Modi
In the presence of PM Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister Modi also announced the opening of the Indian Consulate in Brisbane. On this occasion, Australian PM Albanese praised PM Modi fiercely. He said that wherever Modi goes, his ‘rockstar’ It is welcomed like this and the way it has happened today, even the great singer Bruce Springsteen was not done. Albanese thanked his friend Modi for bringing the spirit of the world’s largest democracy to Australia, saying he helped make our democracy stronger and more inclusive.

Relationship between the two countries also mentioned
During this grand event organized in Sydney, there was also talk about economic cooperation between PM Modi and Albanese. Both made it clear that work is now underway on a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement. Talking about the relations between the two countries, PM Modi said, "There is definitely a geographical distance between the two countries, but the Indian Ocean connects them, lifestyles may be different, but now yoga also connects them. Don’t know since when both the countries are connected with cricket, but now tennis and films are also connecting them."

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