Pisces June Horoscope 2023: Keep boss happy in Pisces office, know monthly horoscope

June Monthly Horoscope June 2023: The month of June 2023 will be good for Pisces people. Investment in mutual funds, share market etc. will not be good this month. Let us know how the month of June will be for Pisces people in terms of education, travel, health, love and family (Pisces June 2023 Rashifal).

Pisces Monthly Business Horoscope )

  • From 07th to 23rd June, there will be 9th-5th Raja Yoga from the 7th house of Mercury, work will be completed to reach the staff for online meeting and business objectives.
  • Saturn will have Shadashtak dosha from the seventh house, so don’t do anything new in haste, without doing a complete study.
  • From June 07 to 14, Sun-Mercury’s Budhaditya Yoga will remain in the fourth house, there will be a need to do intellectual work and management work from a new end in business.
  • From June 24, there will be Bhadra Yoga in the fourth house, due to which work will be successful with the help of family. 

Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

  • There will be a Shadashtak defect of Mars from the tenth house, so that you should leave the thoughts of job change. Mars is debilitated, there are chances of making mistakes in enthusiasm.
  • From June 15 onwards, due to the seventh sight of the Sun on the tenth house, one may have to travel with the boss or high officials this month.
  • From 07th to 14th June there will be Budhaditya Yoga of Sun-Mercury in the 4th house and from 24th June in the 5th house, due to which you can think of doing further study, education, diploma or training to improve your qualification.
  • Due to the ninth sight of Jupiter on the tenth house, important tasks will be completed by you, you will get the support of your seniors. And time to appreciate and respect will give you happiness. 

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

  • Venus will have a relation of 3-11 with the seventh house, due to which chances of going on a tour with your life partner or spending some time at a beautiful place can be created.  
  • Mercury will be in 9th-5th Raja Yoga from 7th to 23rd June, which will lead to pleasant time spent with friends this June.
  • Bhadra in 4th house from 24th June. There will be a yoga through which someone can bring new means of communication in the house. You can buy a new smart phone for your mother.

Pisces Monthly Education Horoscope

  • Guru will have a 4-10 relation with the fifth house, due to which the guidance of competitive gurus will take you closer to success.
  • Mars-Venus is placed in the fifth house, which will lead to sports and Vastu students in college. One can get excellent success.
  • The students studying abroad may have a tendency to postpone their studies till tomorrow due to the eighth aspect of Mars on the twelfth house. The mind may be engaged on other subjects.   

Pisces Monthly Health Horoscope  Pisces Monthly Health Horoscope

  • You should take all precautions while traveling due to the fourth aspect of Mars on the eighth house. There are chances of getting injured.
  • The presence of the fifth aspect of the Jupiter on the sixth house, there are chances of reduction in diseases and attainment of health.

Meen Rashi Upay

19th June  Gupta Navratri begins- Chant Bagalamukhi mantra as much as possible with turmeric garland while worshiping Maa Chandraghanta. The bell is the symbol of that Brahmanaad, which completely destroys the fear and obstacles of the seeker with its sound.

29 June on Devashyani Ekadashi:- Those who are troubled by debt. Even after several attempts, if he is not able to get rid of the debt, then the Peepal tree must be watered and along with it seven parikramas should be done.

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