Personal data of 15 lakh women shopping from Zivame leaked, hacker asked for so much money and told the method of payment…

Zivame Data Breach: Hacking cases are increasing continuously. The news of hacking of some app or website or computer system comes to the fore. Meanwhile, the news of hacking of an e-commerce platform is coming to the fore. Actually, hackers have hacked the data of 1.5 million customers of Zivame, which deals in women’s apparel. This was confirmed in a report by India Today and the hacker is asking for $500 crypto currency in exchange for this data.

Zivame deals in a wide range of women clothing. Hackers have hacked many personal details like number, address, email ID etc. of women shopping from the website and are selling it through Telegram group. When the hacker was talked about this data, he asked for $ 500 crypto currency in exchange for the data of 1.5 million women. The hacker also shared the first few samples which were verified by India Today. Some people have shared the matter related to hacking on social media, but no comment has been made on behalf of the company.

Scam happening through WhatsApp as well 

Hackers or cybercriminals are also targeting people through WhatsApp. Recently, hackers contacted a woman living in Sector 61 of Noida and cheated several lakhs of rupees on the pretext of a job. Initially the woman was asked to like some YouTube videos for which she also got paid. When the hackers felt that the woman was confident about the work, they gave her the main task in which the woman lost more than Rs 4 lakh.

Keep Yourself Safe 

To avoid online scam, always keep in mind that under any circumstances do not give your personal details to the person in front. If a call or SMS comes from an unknown number, ignore it and if the person is harassing you, block and report that number. It is wise that you should not fall into any greed because hackers are making people their prey only by giving greed.  

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