Passenger opened the emergency gate of the plane in mid-air, many people reached the hospital

On Friday, a passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight in South Korea suddenly opened the door of the aircraft flying in the air. There were only 2 minutes left for the flight to land, when the passenger opened the emergency door. The passenger who opened the gate has been arrested. The passenger told the police that he had lost his job some time back, due to which he was upset. Due to this he opened the door.

Reuters report According to sources, when the plane was about to land at the airport on Friday, a passenger in the Asiana Airlines plane opened the emergency door, after which the lives of the passengers got stuck.

Although the plane landed safely, many passengers were admitted to the hospital with problems like breathing problems. Asiana Airline said that there was no major injury or damage in the incident. The passenger has been handed over to the police. At the same time, a South Korean news agency told that nine people have been admitted to the hospital.

The airline said the Airbus A321-200 was carrying about 200 passengers on a domestic flight to Daegu International Airport, about 240 km southeast of Seoul. When the aircraft was approximately 200 m (650 ft) above the ground, a passenger seated near the emergency door manually opened the door lever.

In the video related to the incident, it can be seen how the passengers are shouting after the door opened. In the footage, strong wind is entering the plane from the open door in mid-air and the hair of the passengers is flying wildly. It is a matter of honor that there was no major accident, the plane was made to land safely in time.

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