Parliament Building Inauguration: Teak from Nagpur, Carpet from Mirzapur, Bamboo from Agartala and… this is how Parliament House was built.

Parliament Building Inauguration: The new Parliament building is ready, which will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to do it on 28th May. The construction of the new Parliament building was a herculean effort as materials were brought from all corners of the country to build the Parliament. 

Materials obtained from all over the country have been used in its construction. In a way, materials from all over the country have been seen coming together for the construction of Parliament, the temple of democracy. In this way the new Parliament reflects the true spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

"text-align: justify;">Teak wood imported from Nagpur

Actually, teak wood in Parliament House has been imported from Nagpur in Maharashtra, sandstone (red and white) from Sarmathura in Rajasthan Bought from and installed. At the same time, carpets have been sourced from world famous Mirzapur of Uttar Pradesh. 


"text-align: justify;">Bamboo wood was procured from Agartala


"text-align: justify;">Ashok Chakra brought from Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The Ashok Chakra installed in the new Parliament House was brought from Indore in Madhya Pradesh and some furniture fitted here was brought from Mumbai and Lakha was brought from Jaisalmer. While Ambaji white marble has been imported from Ambaji in Rajasthan and saffron green stone has been imported from Udaipur.

"text-align: justify;">Stone Carving


"text-align: justify;">The brass work and pre-cast trenches were sourced from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while the LS/RS false ceiling steel structure was sourced from Daman and Diu.


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