Parineeti had prepared the contract before the engagement, this condition was placed in front of Raghav, unseen video surfaced

Parineeti-Raghav Engagement Video: Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and AAP leader Raghav Chadha got engaged on May 13 in an intimate ceremony at Kapurthala House in Delhi. Apart from the actress’s cousin sister and global icon Priyanka Chopra, only her close friends and family members, including  Manish Malhotra, were involved in the couple’s engagement. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann also came to congratulate the couple.

Parineeti read the contract before getting engaged to Raghav
The video begins with Parineeti Chopra reading out a hilarious contract to Raghav Chadha the night before their engagement. She is heard saying, “The engagement contract is as follows Raghav. You all have to say yes and then we will see whether this roka continues tomorrow or not. I, Raghav Chadha, agree with this. Number one, Parineeti is always right." Hearing this, Raghav and all the other people present in the ceremony are seen laughing a lot..

 In the video beautiful moments of Parineeti and Raghav with each other and grand engagement glimpses have also been shared. Priyanka Chopra is also seen entering the venue with her brother Siddharth Chopra.

Parineeti’s mother gave an emotional speech
The video then cuts to the celebration of the night before the engagement, and Parineeti’s mother is seen giving an emotional speech. she says, "To know that your daughter is actually going to a man who will take care of her better than a father. I mean we love you Raghav.” , During this, Parineeti is seen shedding tears while Raghav Chadha reaches the stage to hug Reena Chopra.

Raghav gave a funny speech on the engagement
The video also shows Parineeti and Raghav cutting a huge multi-story cake on their engagement. Raghav also gave a funny speech in which he is heard joking that he got a nose job done. This is followed by glimpses of the guests as well as the video of Parineeti and Raghav dancing their hearts out during their engagement ceremony.

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