Parineeti & Dharampatni 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju saves Pari

Parineeti & Dharampatni 14th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratiksha says I didn’t do antyhing for his hate. Neeti says I will help you.You should involve your family. Pratiksha tells they kicked her out. Neeti says be strong. You’re very good. Nothing will go wrong. You have to win his heart with love. You will sit in the mandap instead of Ravi. I will make sure Kaviya doesn’t get to the manddap. I will help you.

Sanju hears Adi and Himanshu talking about a girl. Sanju says hi guys. He says you guys were saying doctor is needed. Adi says we were talking about the movie. Sanju says okay. He still doubts. He hears them talking. Himanshu says we have to get her another doctor. She has to get conscious. Adi says I think she’s Pari. Sanju is shocked. Adi says we have to make sure she opens her eyes. She is Pari. Sanju says they’re talking about my Pari? They see her on social media and realize she’s Pari. Sanju slaps Adi and says you hit Pari with your car and brought her here? They tell him another car hit Pari. She fell in front of their car. Adi says the person who hit her ran. It was in full speed. The same car tried to hit her before as well when we were in market. She’s fine. We have to find that person. They see Raghu in the wedding.

Scene 2
Bebe wonders how did Raghu know she was here. She wonders what to do. She sees Pari there. Bebe is shocked. Salojna says I should call Neeti. She looks for Neeti. Salojna says Neeti Pari is here and so is Raghu. Neeti can’t hear her. Neeti hangs up. Raghu hits Salojna on head and she faints. Sanju tries to find Raghu. He says I’ve to save Pari. Sanju asks Adi where is Pari? He runs upstairs and finds Pari. He says Pari open your eyes. Pari says how did you come here? Pari tells him a car hit her. She says I don’t know how I came here. Sanju says I am here don’t worry. Thank God Adi and Himanshu were in the other car. They brought you here. He gives her water. Pari says I’ve to go out. Sanju says where? I can’t let you go anywhere. You’re pregnant. I have to take care of you. Pari says I am fine. The doctor said it’s a small brusie. He says you were fainted. Thank God Adi brought you here. Pari says I’ve to help Pratiksha. She’s married to Ravi but he’s marrying Kaviya. Ravi kidnapped her and married her. I won’t let this happen to Pratiksha. Sanju says you are right but you can’t take any risk. Sanju says you have to take care of yourself too.

Pratiksha wears her dress. She says Pari and Neeti are helping me. I have to find my own way. I will stand for myself. Ravi hates me. But I will make sure he sees the truth. I will face everything. I will go to his home because he’s my husband. Neeti looks for bebe. She asks Nupur. Nupur tells her. Neeti looks at sanju wonders how can he do that. Ravi wonders did Pratiksha tell her anything? He says but she’s not around. Pandit ji says why is Ravi not interested in the rituals? Neeti says in heart I’ve to bring Pratiksha to the mandap.

Scene 3
Salojna opens her eyes. SHe’s tied. Raghu says give me my money. I did the accident. Give me money. Bebe says I will give you money but do the task. You’ve to kill her. Raghu says I dont’ know where she is. Salojna says she’s here in this house. They brought her here. There’s a chandelier in this house. Make sure it falls on Pari. Neeti looks for Bebe. Neeti is worried for Pair. She says Bebe will try to harm her again. She calls Pari. Her phone is off. Pari comes to the room and sees Pari with Sanju. Pari says Pratiksha needs me. I’ve to go there. Neeti comes there. Neeti asks how did you get this bruise? Sanju says a car hit her. I am asking her to rest. Pari says we have to support Pratiksha. She needs me. Neeti says you knew? Sanju says yes Pari told me. Neeti says in heart they planned and didn’t tell me? Neeti says Pratiksha is getting ready.

Pratiksha’s family comes there and say this wedding cant’ happen. You can’t take our nieces’ right. Ravi’s mo says you are after our property. Pratiksha says Ravi came after Pratiksha not the other way round. Kavya says shut up. Your sister forced him. Pratiksha’s sister says we won’t let this wedding happen. Kaivya says I will see how you do that. She says Pratiksha is married to Ravi already you can’t marry him. Pratiksha’s dad says we will not let this happen. Tell us where is Pratiksha first. Kaviya says she’s not here. She might be somewhere else. She ruined my sister’s life and killed her. Pratiksha’s sister throws water on her. She says don’t dare to say a word against my sister. Mavi says not a single more word. Neeti says how is it Kaviya’s fault? She takes Kaviya wth her to fix her makeup. The security takes Pratiksha’s family out.

Salojna and Raghu plan to break the chandelier. Kaviya says they ruined my expensive lehgna. They have no manners. Neeti says do you? She says what do you mean? I am happy they kicked them out of this house. Neeti says how will you kick Pratiksha out of your life? Say sorry to her. Pratiksha says she has to get out or Ravi’s life. Neeti says I will see how you marry Ravi. Neeti puts a napkin on her face and faints her. She gets Pratiksha ready. Neeti says I am so happy you stood up for yourself. She says Pari is in the room resting, Sanju is with her. Salojna asks Raghy to break the chandelier while everyone is busy.

Scene 4
Pratiksha comes to the mandap. She recalls what happened with her in that house. Pari and Neeti bring her to the mandap. She says in heart I am here to fix everything Ravi. You married me and I am your wife. Pari prays for Pratiksha. Salojna comes there and looks at the chandelier. She tells Neeti it will fall on Pari soon. Neeti says what? This isn’t right. I’ve to save her. Salojna says you won’t move from here. Let it happen. Sanju is on call. Sanju says to Pari thank God Pratiksha is in her right place. Kaviya is locked in the room. Neeti looks at them and says why is Pari talking to Sanju? She is worried for Sanju. Salojna comes to Raghu and says cut the rope. The chandelier falls on Pari. Sanju runs to save her. Pari hugs Sanju. Sanju says everything is fine. I am here. Sanju thinks about the car Adi mentioned. Sanju says I know who did it. he runs to look for him. Pami gives Pari water.

Sanju asks Neeti what are you doing here? She says bebe was here. Sanju says a chandelier fell on Pari. I saved her. Somoene is trying to harm her. He comes to the room and sees a ladder. neeti hugs Pari. Pari hugs her and cries. Neeti says are you okay? Pari says yes I am fine. Sanju saved me. Ravi says where did that groom go? Sanju says he ran. Thank you for telling me on right time. Sanju says we should go home. Ravi hugs Sanju. Pratiksha says no matter what happens I will marry Ravi today.

Episode ends

Precap-Pratiksha’s dad says we wont’ let this wedding happen until my daughter is found. Gulshan says this wedding will happen. You can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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