Parineeti 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Gurpreet comes to pari’s house

Parineeti 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gurpreet comes to the house. Gurinder says in heart she’s here to steal something again. Gurpreet asks pari how are you now? Pari says everything is normal. Pammi apologizes to Gurpreet. She says don’t apologize for someone else’s sin. The person who wronged should apologize. It doesn’t make sense. Pami shouldn’t apologize on behalf of Gurinder. We’ve given our girl to you not that we are your slave. pami asks Gurinder to apologize. She says why should I? Pami says what happened that day was wrong. We accused her for no reason. Say sorry. Gurinder says sorry. Gurpreet says thank you for your favor but say it loudly. It’s okay, you can’t. I can still forgive you. Pami says we are all going to a wedding tomorrow. Mohini and Minto’s wedding.

Salojna says to Neeti what’s uup with Rakesh? Neeti says we will talk about it tomorrow. Salojna says I hate pari after what she did to you. Neeti says Rakesh is after Pari. He’s crazy. She tells him everything. Salojna says we can prove that there’s something between Pari and Rakesh. Now don’t cry that Pari is my friend. Neeti says but Rakesh is disgusting. Salojna says Pari is worse. At least he’s single. Pari is married and still having an affair with her friend’s wedding. Neeti tells her Rakesh’s story. Neeti says Pari’s mom is also here. Salojna says stop thinking about them. They should pay for their sins. Gurpreet comes and says who should pay for sins? She comes there. Salojna says come in. Gurpreet says I was just walking past. Salojna says it’s not okay to listen in to conversations. You’ve given Pari the same manners. She asks neeti to take Gurpreet to Pari. Salojna says in heart Rakesh can give this a perfect ending.

Scene 2
Pari is scared. Chandrika comes to her. Pari says I feel very scared. Nothing is right. Rakesh will ruin everything. So much has happened. I feel like Neeti is also distant. i feel like oneday everything is going to be over. Chandrika says bebe is behind everything. Pari says we have no proof. Chandrika says she has brainwashed Neeti. Stay careful around her. Chandrika gives her milk. Sanju comes there. He says to pari you have to drink this milk. Pari says no. He says I want a cute and healthy child. Pari says don’t force me. He says I have the right. He makes Pari drink the milk. He cleans her lips. Pari says thank you. Pari holds Sanju’s hand. Pari says thank you for saving my life. I know there’s no relationship between us but thank you for caring so much. sanju leaves. Gurpreet is outside. She comes in.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju finds Rakesh in Pari’s room. He hits Rakesh. Rakesh says pari called me here. Sanju says don’t dare to say a word about Pari. Rakesh asks Neeti why is your husband jealous? Sanju says because..

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