Parineeti 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju files a complaint against bebe

Parineeti 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti says bebe can’t harm Pari. She says how will you recognize the goon? Sanju says there was a CCTV camera in Ravi’s house. We can find out who did that. He will sned me the video. Neeti is worried. She says what if my face is shown in the vidoe. I have to do something. Bebe asks a maid to massage her foot. Neeti si worried. She calls bebe and tells her Sanju is gonna get the footage. Sanju will se eour face or Raghu will oust us. Bebe says stop sanju. I wish I could have send Pari to God. Neeti says send her. Sanju comes and says send who where? Neeti drops the the phone. She says it was from home. I was asking about Pari. Sanju wonders why was Bebe calling Neeti.

Pami gives Pari juice. She says keep resting. I was so worried for you. Pari says your prayers are with me. Pami says I made this halwa for you. Pami makes her eat. Pari says it’s really good. Pami says so much happened. I was so scared. I really like it when Rajiv takes care of you. Pari says he cares for this child not me. everything is so complex. He cares for me but for her child not for me. He respects me. But he doesn’t love me. He will not even see my face after this child is born. Pami says God will do the bstf or you. Rajiv will be able to see all that you’ve done for him. Neeti is lucky to have a friend like you. Sanju and Neeti come to the police station. Sanju says bebe intentions aren’t good. She doesn’t like Pari. Neeti says yes she doesn’t like her but she can’t harm her. Sanju says bebe can do anything. She had harmed maa as well. She wants to take revenge from her. Neeti says why are you so worried for Pari? Sanju says she’s your best friend hence I care for her and she’s pregnant with our child. Neeti says to Sanju think about the police complaint. He says I’ve decided.

Sanju comes to the police station. Sanju says I will find out who wants to harm Pari. He says to Neeti I have complete suspicion on bebe. I am sure she did something. Only you can help me. They come inside. Inspector says how are you both related to Pari? Neeti says she’s my friend. Sanju tells him both accidents. They say we need Pari’s statement. Sanju gives him footage. Neeti says who can do that? He says we have to do an investigation. But it looks like someone close to Pari has a problem with her and this goon was just hired. Neeti says we don’t have a doubt on anyone inour family. They leave. Sanju says to Neeti why did you say that? Bebe could do that. Neeti says she’s our elder. She can’t do that. He says bebe is manipulating your mind too.

Scene 2
Gurpreet comes to meet Pari. She hugs Pari and says how did this happen? Pami says I told her. She’s your mom. She should now. Pari tells her about the accident. She says I will be fine. Gurpreet says in heart Neeti is the reason again. She says why do you wanna risk your life for Neeti again? This can be very harmful for you. Pari says it’s not her fault. Gurpreet says don’t ruin your life for her.

Sanju says to Neeti stay away from bebe. She is manipulating you. Neeti says okay but she’s our family. Sanju says I can see what you can’t. She has a serious problem with Bebe. She can do anything and I am sure she did this. We should give her name. They will investigate her. You said you care about Pari the most. Neeti is scared.

Epsiode ends

Precap-Sanju says to Pari I’ve so much guilt and pain in my heart for you. You wanted this life, husband and child. You are having all this but for someone else. Neeti says to bebe Sanju has a doubt on us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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