Pandya Store 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara to fail Shweta’s plan

Pandya Store 27th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kids eating the non veg food. Suman asks how did the kids go to eat alone, they won’t know about non veg. She goes to see. Raavi looks on. Suman asks is this veg. Shesh says its veg, look there. Mittu asks Suman to eat it. Suman says I will eat later. Shesh says I will get another plate. Suman thinks I will eat and check how is it made. Raavi stops her and says I will get it. Shivank sees the girl. She slides the bag under the table. She flirts with him. He asks her to go, else her plan will fail. She says no, I will ruin your plan and tell everyone that you are a big cheat. Shweta comes and shows Dhara to Shivank. He holds his heart. He says she looks so stunning in an old woman’s getup also. Shweta scolds him and asks did you inform the police about fake notes. He says yes. Raavi says it was non veg kabab. She sees the kids eating chicken nuggets. She asks the kids to leave it. She sends them to Suman. She sees the wrong board.

She says how did this happen, what shall I do. Rishita compliments Krish and Prerna’s dance. Suman says I m feeling hungry. Prerna says we will go out and have starters with everyone. Raavi comes and says veg and non veg counters got mixed, Suman will break our legs now. Prerna asks waiter to serve Suman. Raavi tells the man about the counters mixing. Rishita scolds him. He says sorry, we will change the board, we have to do something to stop the starters, the marriage will get cancelled if anyone knows it. Raavi goes and stops Suman from eating the chicken. Suman says let me eat. Raavi says I m so hungry, I will eat it. Dhara looks on. Rishita also stops Suman from eating chicken nuggets. Rishita asks her to keep a fast. Dhara asks what did they do. Suman says I feel hungry. Dhara says I have to see Shweta first. Ganpath and goons come there. He asks the goons to find the fake notes and put a bomb. Dhara looks for Shweta.

She sees the goons and thinks who are they. Natasha sees Ganpath and says he is the same uncle who came home in our house party. Dhara asks who. Natasha asks who are you. Dhara says I m your Dadi’s best friend. Natasha says that day, Chiku got to know Dhara isn’t his mum, that uncle came. Mittu says yes, he had a knife in his hand, he was finding someone. She scolds them and asks them to go to Dadi. Shesh says she looks Dhara.

Natasha says she is old aunty. Dhara sends the kids. The goons put the bombs in the party. Dhara hears about the bombs and gets shocked. Dhara sees the police and tells about the bomb blast. Inspector says I will deport the Canada party for the fake notes dealing. Dhara worries. A man shouts there is a bomb in the resort, run. Everyone starts running. Suman says the kids are there.

Dhara thinks to find Krish and Prerna’s passports. Gautam stops Dhara and says there is a bomb inside. She says I have some imp items there. Everyone runs. Suman says I was feeling hungry. She keeps the snacks with her. Everyone goes outside. Gautam thinks of Dhara and says I will just come. Shweta asks what is Ganpath doing here. Shivank says our plan will fail. She shouts and shows the bag to the police. Dhara worries seeing the bag.

Rishita says the queen of Garba is coming, Falguni Pathak is coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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