Pakistan Protest: Pakistan is not even giving salary on Eid, hundreds of electricity workers are protesting

Pakistan Electricity Protest: The economic situation in Pakistan is getting worse and worse at this time. The people of Pakistan are also struggling for everyday things. Inflation is skyrocketing in the country. Meanwhile, hundreds of power workers from Pakistan held a protest rally in front of the Lesco headquarters on Wednesday (April 12).

During protests in Pakistan, electricity workers demanded one month’s salary as allowance on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr. The rally was organized by the All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union.

Also urge to stop the genocide of Palestinians
During the protest in Pakistan, the workers took the national flag and banner in support of their demands and also urged the Prime Minister to order the recruitment of line staff Did. He demanded security for the LESCO employees during the performance of their duty against power thieves.

On this occasion, the leaders of the League urged the United Nations and all freedom-loving nations to stop the genocide of Palestinians by the Israeli forces, besides holding a plebiscite in Kashmir as per the UN resolution.

Many people addressed the rally
Hajji Yunus, Osama Tariq, Rana Shakoor, Hasan Munir, Nausher Khan, Haji Liaquat, Malik Zahid, Liaquat Ali addressed the rally of hundreds of electricity employees of Pakistan Gurjar, Rana Shahbaz, Naveed Ashiq Dogar, Amanullah Khan and Rana Shafiq addressed.

Pakistan’s The News International reported that the demonstrations took place on Wednesday after the workers urged the prime minister to intervene and save the line workers from the accidents that claimed the lives of over 66 line staff members. Electricity workers in Pakistan have repeatedly protested in Lahore. Inflation and poverty are increasing continuously in the country.

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