Pakistan Economic Crisis: Robbery over flour again in poor Pakistan, many injured in stampede

Pakistan: The troubles of Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, are not taking the name of abatement. The condition of plight is that people are yearning even for bread for two times. Even in the month of Ramzan, people are struggling for basic needs. For immediate relief to the people, the government has opened free ration shops, where flour is being distributed to the people, but here also a stampede is taking place. 

According to Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn, flour was being distributed in Karori area of ​​Oghi Tehsil in Mansehra when the situation of stampede occurred. According to media reports, the situation became uncontrollable due to the large number of crowd arriving at the distribution site. Meanwhile, a stampede broke out after a violent clash. In which many people are seriously injured. 

Stamped again during ration distribution 

According to media reports, the mob at the scene attacked a truck where flour sacks were kept. People looted hundreds of sacks. Dozens of people injured in this stampede and uproar have been admitted to the nearest hospital for treatment. As per reports, the beneficiaries alleged that there was favoritism in the distribution of ration, due to which people started creating ruckus. 

Many people ran away from the spot with many sacks of flour, but people from weaker sections returned empty-handed despite standing in long queues during the fast. Even before this, a stampede was seen in Karachi, Pakistan. Even then such a situation had arisen during the distribution of flour. Eleven people were killed in the stampede in Karachi.

Pakistan on the brink of default

The neighboring country Pakistan is facing the worst economic crisis in history. According to the news coming from the last one year, the country has now reached the verge of default. In the coming days, the troubles of Pakistan are going to increase further. Explain that foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan have fallen to a record level. 

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