Not only looks, Aryan Khan’s voice is also like father Shah Rukh Khan, you will also be confused after listening Hindi dub of this film.

Recently, after becoming the brand ambassador of an international brand, Bollywood’s King Khan’s darling Suhana Khan was seen speaking in front of the media with full confidence for the first time. You have heard the voice of King Khan’s daughter and upcoming star of the industry, but not many people have heard the voice like the smile of son Aryan Khan. Or even if he had heard, he would not have been able to recognize. However, if you haven’t heard the voice of Badshah’s son Aryan till now, then you have missed a lot. After all, what have you missed, let us show you.

Shahrukh what Aryan, you will also be confused 

actually son of shahrukh khan Aryan Khan His voice has resonated on the big screen long back. The echo of the voice is being written because that voice of Aryan Khan was the voice of a lion. Did you remember something… Lion King. Yes, the same Lion King animated movie which made huge money in theatres. Although both Shah Rukh and Aryan lent their voices to different characters in this film, but if you hear the voice, you will get confused for a moment and will not be able to understand whether it is the voice of Badshah or his son Aryan.

Since we heard Suhana Khan’s voice here is Aryan from the 2019 lion king movie. He sounds just like SRK.
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In fact, Aryan’s voice is identical to that of his father and King Khan of Bollywood. While Shah Rukh gave voice to Mufasa, the justice-loving king of the jungle, his son Aryan gave voice to the main character of the film and Mufasa’s son Simba. However, both the voices are so similar that even Gauri herself would get confused.

Aryan Khan became the voice of Simba

The throwback video of Aryan’s voice is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are liking this wonderful pause and similarity between the voices of father and son. Hearing Aryan’s voice, you will feel as if you are listening to Shahrukh. Let us tell you that after the success of Lion King, most of the craze among the people was about Aryan’s voice. The audience had the same reaction after listening to this voice that when there is so much confidence in the voice, then when Aryan comes on the big screen, he will create a blast.

Arya has looted a lot of accolades with his voice

However, if we talk about acting debut now, there is no rumor about Aryan. But in his childhood, he played father’s childhood character in Shah Rukh Khan’s hit film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Suhana will soon be seen in the film ‘The Archies’. But it can be said that while Suhana has to show her talent, Aryan has already shown his talent in the voice of Lion King’s Simba to the people and got accolades.

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