Nostradamus Predictions 2023: Nostradamus has made these scary predictions for 2023, you will be shocked to hear

Nostradamus Predictions: Most of the predictions of France’s famous prophet Nostradamus have proved to be true. Nostradamus has made many predictions about the whole world, many of which are very scary.

Before his death in 1566, he had made 6,338 predictions, including Indira Gandhi’s death, world war etc. Every year people wait for the prediction of Nostradamus, let’s know the prediction of Nostradamus for the year 2023.

Nostradamus Predictions 2023

Fire at the royal palace – year According to the prediction of Nostradamus in 2023, fire will rain on the royal house. Many people interpret it as the end of the world, whereas many people interpret it with the new law of the world. Those who explain it are connecting it with the royal family of Britain.

Man’s reach on Mars – Nostradamus wrote ‘light is falling on Mars’. In this prediction, it is being linked to the matter of humans landing on Mars. In these predictions, he indicates that humans should go to Mars and find life there. Will be seen together. Many experts are associating it with the increasing proximity of China and Russia, while some are measuring it with the increasing popularity of India in the world because India too is now making its place in front of the world as a new power.

< p>’Man will eat man’- According to the prophecy of Nostradamus In the year 2023 many countries around the world will be seen troubled by the economic crisis. After Corona and Russia-Ukraine war, unemployment will reach its peak in many countries. Lakhs of people will lose their jobs.  Nostradamus writes, ‘The basket of wheat will rise so high that it will eat man and man.’

Flood after drought

About global warming Nostradamus has warned in his prophecy. According to the prophecy ‘Surat will first heat up and then the fishes will boil’. People interpreting this say that the earth will first dry up and then life will be disturbed by a terrible flood.

This incident of Nostradamus shocked

Nostradamus He was born on December 14, 1503 in the small village of Saint Remy in France. He started making predictions from the days of his youth. One incident was such that it spread sensation all over Europe. Once he was roaming on the streets of Italy with his friend. Then he saw a young man in the crowd. When the young man came near, he bowed his head and greeted him. Surprised, the friend asked the reason for this, then he said that this person will take the seat of the Pope in future. That person was Felice Peresi, who was elected Pope in 1585.

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