NDTV-CSDS Survey: Public liked the issue of free electricity and water, 57% people said that such policies are necessary for the poor.

It is often seen that as elections approach, the issue of electricity and water becomes such an umbrella that issues like pollution, roads, education, health and illegal colonies disappear in front of it. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has made free electricity and water the main issue of the election. After AAP, Congress has also adopted this in its strategy. Now BJP is also promising free electricity and water in many states. The promise of free electricity and water may be an election issue, but it is very much liked by the public. 57 percent of the people involved in the NDTV-CSDS survey said such policies are necessary for the poor sections.

On completion of 9 years of Modi government, NDTV has done this survey in association with Lokniti-Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS). This is the second part of the NDTV-CSDS survey. The findings of the first part have been published on Tuesday.

According to the NDTV-CSDS survey, while 57 per cent people considered free electricity and water essential for the poor, 30 per cent people considered it a burden on the economy. That is, 30 percent of the people involved in the survey say that giving electricity and water for free increases the burden on the economy and revenue. 13 percent of the people involved in the survey did not give any opinion on this.

AAP had announced free electricity and water for the first time.
After coming to power in Delhi, the Kejriwal government had announced free electricity up to 200 units. Talking about water, at present the Delhi government is giving up to 20 thousand liters of water free of cost. After Delhi, when the AAP government was formed in Punjab as well, the party has announced 300 units of free electricity there. Like Punjab, in other states also Aam Aadmi Party had put its free model in front of the public. But, apart from Punjab, his model could not show much effect in any other state.

Congress also adopted this model
Congress also included this ‘free model’ of AAP in its strategy. Congress started the promise of free electricity in February 2022 in the UP assembly elections. In UP’s election manifesto ‘Unnati Vidhan’, the party had promised to halve the electricity bill and to waive the arrears of the Corona period. However, these promises of the Congress did not prove effective in the UP elections. Then in the Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections held in December 2022, the Congress had promised free electricity and water. Congress had promised to provide 300 units of free electricity in Gujarat and Himachal. But the Congress did not get the benefit of this in Gujarat. However, the promise of free electricity proved effective in Himachal and the party won.

Now in the recently held assembly elections in Karnataka, following the path of the Aam Aadmi Party, the Congress had announced 200 units of free electricity. which is being implemented. The Congress party had promised to provide free drinking water even in the civic elections of UP. However, the Congress body could not do anything special in the elections.

BJP also made such announcements
Now it’s about BJP. Last year, before the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, BJP had announced to give 125 units of electricity free of cost. BJP had made similar announcements in Karnataka elections also.


How is the work of the government in controlling inflation?
During this survey, the public also reviewed the work of the Modi government in dealing with different issues, and told that inflation is such an issue, which affects almost the entire population of the country, and the work of the Narendra Modi government on this issue. 57 percent people are unhappy with According to 33 percent people, the government’s work was ‘good’, and seven percent people find the government’s work ‘average’. 3 percent people refused to express any opinion on this question.


Your financial status in 4 years?
Between 2019 to 2023 i.e. what was the impact on the economic condition of the people in 4 years? Mixed opinion was also found in the answer to this question. 35 percent of the people involved in the survey said that their economic condition has improved in 4 years. While 42 percent people said that their economic condition is the same as before in 4 years. 22 percent people said that their economic condition has already deteriorated. 1 percent of the people involved in the survey did not answer this question.

Talking about four years, from the beginning of 2020 till the end of 2021, the Corona epidemic wreaked havoc. The condition of the market worsened due to the lockdown. This had a direct impact on production. The purchasing power of the people was also affected. However, due to the policies of the Modi government and the facilities provided to the poor and needy, India has started recovering from this crisis in a short time.

How was the survey done?
This survey has been done in 71 Lok Sabha constituencies of 19 states. In total, more than 7 thousand people were talked to. These include all sections of the society, which have been randomly selected. This survey has been done between 10 to 19 May 2023.

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