NDTV-CSDS survey: PM Narendra Modi is still the first choice, BJP’s vote share also maintained

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been counted among those selected leaders of the country, whose popularity has been more than all the contemporary leaders. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won several state assembly elections ever since Narendra Modi became the prime minister for the first time in 2014, and there was a time when it was in more than half of the country’s states. Governments run by the BJP or with the support of the BJP were present. Due to this popularity, BJP achieved miraculous success in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well. Now it is clear in the NDTV-CSDS survey that there has been no decrease in the popularity of BJP’s top leader PM Narendra Modi, who recently lost the government in Karnataka, which is called the gateway of South India, and in every corner of the country- His fans are still present in the corner.

Under the survey conducted in 71 Lok Sabha constituencies in 19 states of India, a total of more than 7,000 people were asked for their opinion on different issues, in which people from all sections of the society were involved. In the survey conducted between 10 and 19 May this month, it was clear that even today 43 percent people want to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, while 27 percent people want to see Rahul Gandhi as PM. . It is noteworthy that even in the year 2019, the number of people who liked PM Narendra Modi was 44 percent, and even today it is 43 percent, although the number of people who like Rahul Gandhi has also increased, and compared to 24 percent in 2019, the Congress The number of people who like the leader as PM has increased to 27 percent.

Another interesting fact revealed during the NDTV-CSDS survey is that even though the Modi government has completed 9 years, but even after its second term, there is no anti-incumbency sentiment in the public. If the elections are held today, according to the NDTV-CSDS survey, the BJP is expected to get 39 percent of the votes, which is two percent more than the votes polled in 2019, although the votes of the Congress will also increase significantly compared to 2019. Has happened, and he is likely to get 29 percent votes today as against 19 percent votes he got in the last general election. Overall, 43 percent of the public is with the Center on the question of giving Modi government a chance once again, and 18 percent did not think it appropriate to open the cards at the moment.


An attempt was also made to know from the people involved in the survey how satisfied they are with the functioning of the Modi government. Overall, the number of people completely satisfied with the working of the government is only 17 percent, but the number of people satisfied with the working to some extent is 38 percent, so, it can be said that at least 55 percent people are dissatisfied with the functioning of the Modi government. are not. People also reviewed the performance of the Modi government on different issues, and 47 percent people said that the government has done a good job on the issue of development, while only 28 percent people rated the government’s performance on the issue of Kashmir as ‘good’. ‘ and 13 per cent said ‘average’. 41 per cent people rated the Modi government’s performance as ‘good’, but 45 per cent rated the Modi government’s efforts on this issue as ‘bad’, but the fact to be remembered here is that corruption is a big problem. Only 5 percent people accepted the issue.


Another issue was discussed a lot recently, which was very important to be included in the survey. The central government has been accused by the opposition parties of misusing central agencies, but 37 per cent of those surveyed believe that central agencies like the CBI and ED are working completely according to the law, while 31 per cent He also refused to give opinion on this issue.


In the end, once again it was tried to know why people like Narendra Modi as PM or leader of the country, whether any leader can present a challenge to him in the next general election, i.e. Loksabha Election 2024. And whether former Congress President Rahul Gandhi will be able to stand in front of him or not. 40 percent people like PM Narendra Modi, and 25 percent people remained neutral, ie said that PM Modi is ‘neither good, nor bad’. Among those who like the PM, 25 percent find him a good speaker, and 20 percent a development man, in the eyes of 13-13 percent people, the Prime Minister is very hardworking and charismatic.


On the question of who can challenge PM Narendra Modi in the next general elections, maximum number of people supported Rahul Gandhi. 34 percent people believe that in 2024 only Congress leaders can be the PM’s challenger, while 11 percent people considered Arvind Kejriwal as a national level challenger. Akhilesh Yadav and Mamata Banerjee are considered as challengers by 5 and 4 percent respectively, while the number of people who consider all other opposition leaders as challengers is 25 percent.

When 34 percent of the people who considered former Congress President Rahul Gandhi as a challenge were asked how they like Rahul Gandhi, 26 percent of them said that Rahul has always been liked by them, while 15 percent said that Rahul They started liking him after the ‘Bharat Jodo’ tour.

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