Nautapa 2023: Sun will enter Rohini Nakshatra tonight and Nautapa will start, be careful in these works

Nautapa 2023 Date Time and Importance: According to astrology, whenever a planet’s zodiac sign changes, it affects not only the zodiac signs but also the weather. Talking about Rohini Nakshatra, it has special importance.

When the king of planets Sun enters Rohini Nakshatra in the month of Jyeshtha (Jyeshtha Month 2023), the temperature of the earth starts increasing rapidly. And summer reaches its peak. This year, on the night of Thursday 25 May 2023, the Sun is going to enter the Moon’s constellation Rohini.

Nautapa will start from tonight

Nautapa will start from today i.e. 25th May night. The Sun God will enter Moon’s Nakshatra Rohini tonight at 01:16 AM and will remain in this Nakshatra till 06:40 AM on June 8, 2023. Sun stays in Rohini Nakshatra for full 15 days, in the first 9 days of which the temperature starts rising and summer is at its peak. This is called Nautpa.

Nautpa will start in auspicious yoga

According to astrology, when the Sun enters the Moon’s constellation Rohini tonight, this There will also be time Guru Pushya Yog. Sun entering Rohini Nakshatra in Guru Pushya Yoga is considered very auspicious. Because Guru Pushya Yoga is very auspicious for all works. In such a situation, it is being predicted that this year there can be good rains due to the effect of Nautapa.

 Take care of these things in Nautapa

  • In Nautapa make an idol of Lord Brahma with flour and worship it. It is considered very auspicious.
  • There is intense heat during Nautapa. That’s why it is important in the scriptures to donate pot, sattu, fan, fruits, water and things that provide relief from heat at this time.
  • Worship Lord Surya Dev in Nautapa.
  • At this time stay away from rich food i.e. more oil-spicy food.
  • During the 9 days of Nautapa, consume water, seasonal fruits and things that cool the body.

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