Years ago, while talking to Dharmendra on the phone, Hema Malini did something like this, if the man came to know today, he might feel bad

The pair of Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini and Dharmendra gets a lot of love from the fans. It would not be wrong to call them Bollywood’s star couple. Both have given many super hit films together and in real life also this couple is together for years. When Dharmendra married Hema Malini, he was already married and had children. But when Hema came in his life, he became crazy about Bollywood’s dream girl. Although there are many untold stories related to the relationship between the two, but recently Hema Malini shared such an anecdote, which will make you smile too. Actually Hema Malini and Dharmendra used to talk to each other after the shooting was over at night. During that time something happened, remembering Hema Malini’s face would make her smile but maybe Dharmendra would feel bad.

Hema Malini fell asleep while talking on the phone


Hema Malini told in an interview that once when she got tired after shooting too much, she fell asleep while talking on the phone and Dharmendra was talking on the phone from the other side. Narrating the story of that special day, Hema said that there was a lot of work that day and she was tired after shooting all night. He said that at that time when she was sleeping, Dharmendra’s call came. Hema Malini said that love-filled talks are also good in a limit, after a while everything seems boring. Hema said that while talking to Dharmendra at that time, she fell asleep and started snoring. Let us tell you that this story was told by Hema Malini in the Kapil Sharma Show and people were left laughing.

Do not have the habit of talking long on the phone


Referring to this incident, Hema said that she has not told this to anyone till now, but if Dharmendra ji hears it, he will feel very bad. Talking about herself, Hema said that she cannot talk on the phone for long. It is her bad habit that she cannot talk on the phone for more than two minutes. After this, his patience starts responding. Hema told that the same is the condition of her daughter Aisha. When she was dating Bharat Takhtani, things started getting longer. Then Aisha handed over the phone to her friend and she started talking like Aisha.

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