Video: When paparazzi shouted for the photo, Shahid Kapoor got angry, said – like crazy…

The interaction of stars with paparazzi is like sunshine and shade. Sometimes they pose a lot in front of them, they are seen doing hi-hello and sometimes they get angry. At the moment, in the video we are going to show you, you will see Shahid Kapoor’s anger… Yes… Shahid Kapoor suddenly got angry when paparazzi started calling for pictures. He turned around and immediately started the class of that photographer. Shahid Kapoor gave such dialogue delivery that all the people standing there just kept watching.

Why did Shahid Kapoor get angry?

It will be seen in the video that Shahid Kapoor was standing near the car with a lady. Meanwhile, everyone starts stopping them from getting their pictures clicked. Paparaji raised his voice in his familiar style but Shahid Kapoor was probably not in such a good mood or there was some issue that made him so upset. Shahid immediately turned around and started explaining to the paparazzi.

Shahid turned around and said, why are you shouting, I am standing right here, then why are you shouting like mad. Shout when I leave in the car… then there is some issue… why are you shouting now. Relax Everyone becomes silent as soon as Shahid says this and waits for the photo. Please tell that Meera Rajput was also with Shahid Kapoor. Meera also appeared a little upset with this interaction with the media.

At present, this video of Shahid Kapoor is becoming very viral on Instagram. Some people are telling Shahid right, while some people started calling Shahid arrogant. You can also watch the video of Shahid’s anger-

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