This actress has paid income tax of Rs 1000 crores! You will not be able to recognize even after hearing the name

We can easily live without thinking that the Indian film industry is the richest. Indian actors charge crores of rupees for a film and sometimes even leave behind the big stars of Hollywood in terms of fees. Shah Rukh Khan’s name comes in the world’s richest actors, but if we talk about leading ladies ie heroines, then the actresses of the film industry of another continent are on top. We are talking about the Chinese film industry. Asia’s richest and successful actress is from China.

Asia’s richest actress with property worth Rs 900 crore

The name Fan Bingbing may be new to you or to those who do not follow the Chinese film industry… but this actress is one of the most popular and successful actresses not only in Asia but also in the world today. The Chinese star has been working as a lead actress for nearly two decades. According to several reports, the net worth of the actress is around $100-110 million (Rs 820-900 crore), which makes her richer than any Indian actress or any other celeb in the Korean and Japanese film industry. India’s richest actress is Aishwarya Rai whose total property is around 800 crores.

When Fan Bingbing had to pay Rs 1000 crore tax

In 2018, Fan Bingbing disappeared from the public eye for almost three months. He was accused of tax evasion…only this news was discussed everywhere. It was told that he was fined more than his net worth. Some reports suggested that he was fined 883 million RMB ($127 million or Rs 1000 crore) for tax evasion.

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