Suffered the pain of partition in Pakistan, then leaving wealth and wealth, this actor came to India and created panic in Bollywood, son’s figure is 36 than Salman

Generally, there is a lot of demand for hero and heroine in films, but if the truth is seen then the character role taken for a film is no less than a lead role. Today we are going to introduce you to one such film star who created a stir in Bollywood in the 70’s and 80’s due to her strong acting and unique voice. The personality of this person standing with a gun in his hands in this black and white picture is such that he never got the role of a poor person. But if seen in true sense, even after being born in a rich family, he had to spend his childhood in a lot of poverty and poverty and the reason for this was the partition of India and Pakistan. So looking at the picture, tell who are they.

Despite being rich, tell the day in poverty

The person seen in the soldier’s uniform in this photo is none other than Suresh Oberoi, the best actor of his time. This picture is from the film Dayalu in which Suresh Oberoi played a wonderful character. Let us tell you that Suresh Oberoi is not only a great actor but he is also the owner of an amazing voice. Although he had to struggle a lot to reach the point where Suresh is today. It is said that he was born in Quetta, Pakistan. His father was a big real estate agent and the family was quite wealthy. But when Indo-Pak was partitioned, at that time the father had to leave all his wealth and come to India with only his son and wife. At that time Suresh was only one year old. Suresh told in an interview that when he lived as a refugee in his childhood, sometimes there was not even bread to eat in his house. After this, his father was forced to go to Pakistan and sell his property in the guise of a Muslim. Only then he would be able to lead a normal life in India.

became famous with supporting role

Talking about Suresh Oberoi’s film career, he was fond of acting since childhood. Suresh Oberoi started his career by becoming a radio host after his studies and on the basis of his good voice, he became very famous in it. Some films were found as heroes but they did not work. After this he focused on supporting roles and his career took off. People came to know him from films like Lavaris, Vidhata, Namak Halal, Kamchor. Let us tell you that Suresh Oberoi will also be seen in Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film Animal. Like Suresh Oberoi, his son Vivek Oberoi has also succeeded in making his mark in Bollywood. Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan’s fight is well known.

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