Silver Jubilee was the first film with Salman Khan, the songs also broke records, then the actress suddenly disappeared into oblivion

The actress who has worked with superstar Salman Khan has been in the limelight. Whether it is Jacqueline Fernandez or Daisy Shah today or 90s actress Navodita Sharma. However, no one knows whose star shines or who goes into the world of oblivion. Something similar happened with actress Chandni i.e. Navodita Sharma, who appeared in Salman Khan’s film Sanam Bewafa, who has disappeared from the film world.

It is about 1990 when a film of Salman Khan, Sanam Bewafa, was being made. In this, the superstar was finalized for the main lead. But his heroine was not decided. While the producers were looking for a new face. For this, he gave an advertisement in the newspapers. It was written in it that if you want to become Salman Khan’s heroine, then send your photo and information to the director’s office.

What was it then, Delhi’s Navodita Sharma also got lucky as soon as she sent her details and got a call from the director’s office that she has been selected and appeared in the film with the superstar. However, after doing some films, she disappeared from the film world.


The success of ‘Sanam Bewafa’, a remake of Pakistan’s 1985 hit film ‘Haq Meher’, can be gauged from the box office collection, which was made with a budget of Rs 90 lakh and earned around Rs 14 crore. At the same time, its songs also proved to be hits. At the same time the film celebrated the Silver Jubilee. While talking about Navodita Sharma, she is a dance teacher abroad. While dance shows have also been done at the international level. Away from Bollywood for thirty years, the actress shares pictures with her daughter, in which her beauty can be gauged.

Please tell, the director of ‘Sanam Bewafa’ is Sawan Kumar Tak. While apart from Salman Khan and Chandni, Pran, Danny, Punit Issar and Pankaj Dheer were seen in this film.

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