Shah Rukh Khan’s entry and fans reach theaters by rickshaw, auto and bus ride, Jawan brought Diwali to theaters

Jawan has been released and the atmosphere of Diwali has been created in cinema halls in September itself. After Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has once again brought a message of prosperity to the theatres. Today when I reached a single screen in Delhi to watch the first day first show of Jawan. The nine o’clock show which usually remains empty was almost houseful. There was a long line to go inside. This long queue itself was indicating that Shahrukh Khan’s magic has worked and he has brought good days to the theatres. Reaching the 9 am show is not an easy task. Some are sleepy on their face and some are as if they have just woken up and come to the cinema hall. But the passion to see his favorite Shahrukh Khan was clearly visible in his eyes.

Families are rarely seen in morning shows, but Jawan’s scene was different. From college students to families were eagerly waiting for the entry to open. The influx of people coming to the cinema hall continued. Some were coming by bus, some by rickshaw and some by auto. Five minutes were left for the time nine. The rapid steps were moving like his cinema hall. As soon as the entry was opened to go inside, the ground outside was cleared in a short while and the spectators were frozen on the seats. Now the curtain had started but some advertisements were coming. The restlessness in the audience was increasing.

As soon as the first scene of Jawan came on the screen, the noise that was heard was amazing. The way Shahrukh Khan’s entry took place, the cinema hall was resounding with applause and hue and cry. This enthusiasm of the fans was also justified because neither there was such an entry of any actor on the screen before nor it is expected that anyone will be able to take such an entry. When Shah Rukh Khan was seen completely tied in bandages and with a spear in his hand, the fans stood on the seat and started shouting. The craze was amazing. The fans who had come from far away, forgetting sleepiness and tiredness of the humidity, were already showing enthusiasm like the soldiers along with the soldiers.

The noise of the fans with the jawan does not end here. South’s sensation Nayantara’s first scene on screen and fans welcomed the South’s actress with more noise than Shah Rukh Khan. Such a welcome that perfectly matched his acting. Not only this, when Nayantara showed action, the craze reached the seventh sky. It was not known how three and a half hours of the film passed and as soon as the film came to an end, Shahrukh Khan’s pepper and salt look was overshadowed. The audience went crazy and the young man coming out was saying to his friend, brother Shahrukh toh kha gaya…maja aa gaya. As soon as he came out after watching the film, the scene was different. There was a lot of crowd and it flashed in my mind that Diwali has come in the theatres.

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