Salman Khan seen smoking cigarette in Weekend Ka Vaar, photo viral

Many times Salman Khan appears a bit too angry in Weekend Ka Vaar. Not only did he use the F word while taking a class on the contestants, but a few days back he was also seen smoking. A photo of Salman Khan is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this photo, a cigarette is seen in Salman’s hand. There has been a separate debate on this picture of him in the social media. Some people are calling Salman a hypocrite that he calls people for cultural shows and he himself is doing such things. This video is from that episode when Salman Khan was getting angry on Akanksha Puri and JD Hadid.

A social media user wrote, now we know how big a hypocrite Salman is. If you are crying out for the culture and rituals of others, then behave yourself properly. One wrote, if it is not on national TV on OTT… then I do not think there will be any legal issue. One user wrote, Salman used the F word but it was not muted, perhaps the makers are also taking advantage of the fact that the show is on OTT.

Please tell that Salman Khan used this word in a conversation with Cyrus Broacha. In fact, while explaining to Cyrus that Cyrus was talking about leaving the house, that word came out in anger from Salman’s mouth. Cyrus was repeatedly insisting on going home. On this, Salman explained to him that if he wants to go, then pay the penalty and get out.

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