One lakh shirt in the song, 1000 dancers, Shahrukh Khan’s most expensive film is ‘Jawaan’! After listening to the budget, fans will say – OMG

Fans are eagerly waiting for Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, due to which everyone’s eyes are on September 7. Meanwhile, two songs of the film have been released, in which one is definitely special. In the first song Zinda Banda, where information about 1000 dancers was revealed, now in the second song Chaleya, the cost of more than 1 lakh has increased the excitement about the young man. But now the details have come to the fore regarding the budget of the film, which is being said to be Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest film.

The budget of Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan, directed by Atlee, has been said to be Rs 300 crore. While Pathan, released in the beginning of the year 2023, was made in 250 crores. At the same time, it had earned more than 1000 crores worldwide. While Jawan is also expected to make a similar collection.

Shahrukh’s ‘Jawaan’ is the costliest film

For decades, Shah Rukh Khan has been winning hearts with his acting. At the same time, after giving Pathan in the year 2023, he has returned with soldiers for the fans. While this film, made in a budget of 300 crores, is being told as the most expensive film of SRK till date. However, it will also be interesting to see how far this film can live up to the expectations of King Khan’s fans.

Significantly, the preview of Jawan, which is going to be released on September 7, and the first track, which is a dance number ‘Zinda Banda’ and the second track, which is romantic Chaleya, have been released. In this film, apart from Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra and other actors are ready to win hearts with their acting.

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