Now ‘Jawan’ has become the pride of trucks from the cinema screen, after watching you will also say – ‘Talk to the father before touching the son’

In India, both trucks and their drivers have their own thing. Some drivers keep their trucks well maintained like a very special thing. This is the reason why apart from beautiful paintings, you can often find funny and romantic shares written on trucks in India. The shares written on some trucks have also become quite famous. Similarly, a video of a truck is going viral on both these social media, on which not any romantic poetry but a superhit dialogue from Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan is seen written.

Jawan has broken all records in terms of box office earnings this year. This film of Shahrukh Khan has left Pathan also behind. It has been 20 days since Jawan was released in theatres. This film is making huge profits at the box office every day. Jawan not only has great action by Shahrukh Khan, but the film also has excellent dialogues. One of those dialogues is, ‘Talk to the father before touching the son.’ This dialogue is now seen written on a truck. Whose video is going viral.

A painting of Jawan Shahrukh Khan is seen on the truck seen in the video. On which the dialogue of the film is also written. Shahrukh Khan himself has also reacted after watching this video. Reposting the video on X account, King Khan wrote, ‘It looks good… Now people will think twice before playing with this truck.’ This post of Shahrukh Khan is becoming increasingly viral on social media. King Khan’s fans are also reacting to his post.

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