Not Baba Sehgal or Badshah, this star sang the first rap song in 1968 itself, fans said after watching VIDEO – OMG

There is a lot of craze for rap songs in Bollywood these days. Why only Bollywood, these days singers are getting hits even after releasing rap albums. The success of Gully Boy film also shows that the era of rap is now in full swing. Baba Sehgal tried to start this culture a few years ago with ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja’, but could not succeed. But now Badshah, Raftaar and don’t know how many other rappers are on the heights of success. The rap song which people are liking so much considering it to be a foreign culture, was tried in India in 1968 itself and was a big hit even then. A veteran Bollywood artist had started the rap song on the screen.

He is the first rapper of Bollywood

Bollywood’s first rap song was sung by actor Ashok Kumar, popularly known as Dada Muni. Ashok Kumar is an actor of that era when playback singers were rarely seen in Hindi films. Many stars used to sing their own songs along with acting. Dada Muni was also one of them. The song ‘Rail Gaadi’ from the film ‘Aashirwad’ was shot in her unique voice. This film was released in the year 1968. The special thing about this song was that it moves on a rhythm. Its rhythm and tempo is different from the rest of the songs. Although no word like rap song was invented at that time. The reason why Ashok Kumar himself said about it that it is a song sung like English rhythm.

first rap song

Ashok Kumar also performed this song on some stage shows. A clip of which has been shared by the Instagram handle named Golden Bollywood Legend. According to the Instagram handle, this song named Railgaadi was written by Harindranath Chattopadhyay. Which is considered to be the first rap song of Bollywood. The song was picturized in the film with lots of kids and Ashok Kumar.

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