Not Anupama’s silence, but Anuj Kapadia’s anger won the hearts of the fans, watching the new promo, the fans said – interesting after a long time…

Anger is being seen in the latest episode of TV serial Anupama. Where Anupama had slapped Dimpy’s mind on the previous day, now Anuj Kapadia’s anger is going to be seen in the serial, whose victim will be seen as Romil, Ankush’s illegitimate son. After watching its promo, fans are seen sharing their interest about the show. At the same time, Gaurav Khanna is seen praising in the role of Anuj.

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Romil will be seen partying in the Kapadia house under the influence of alcohol. Whereas Ankush will not be able to say anything to her. But Anuj’s anger will rise and he will stop the party and will be seen raining on Romil. But instead of accepting his mistake, Romil will blame Ankush.

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After watching its promo, the fans are seen giving their reaction. One user wrote, Interesting promo after a long time…Anuj Kapadia in his businessman look in angry attitude. Another user wrote, Angry Anuj. The third user wrote, only Anuj’s acting is winning hearts.

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Talking about the upcoming episode, Anupama is about to find out about Paakhi’s behavior regarding Paakhi, about which she will be seen explaining to her daughter. But she will not agree.

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