Mother’s gambling addiction ruined the family, not a single tear fell on father’s death… This girl is Bollywood’s first superstar, did you recognize her?

This girl has ruled the film screen for years with her acting, her dance, her elegance and her beauty. When she took her first step in the industry and her first film was released, no one had thought that this actress would become an example of both beauty and talent. But with time such changes came that people kept watching. Along with these changes, some secrets and some suspenseful stories also came in, which have kept this actress mysterious till date.

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This actress is the mysterious Rekha, a chapter of whose love life is open to everyone. But the remaining chapters are covered with a thick curtain. Be it a mole on their face, vermilion on their face or weddings. His career also started with some such shocking incidents. According to the book Rekha – The Untold Story based on Rekha’s life, actor Vishwajit Chatterjee suddenly started kissing her in Rekha’s first film Anjaana Safar. This kiss with 15 year old Rekha lasted for 5 minutes. The hero and the director had filmed this scene without informing them.

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Another story is related to her marriage with Vinod Mehra. According to the book, after marrying Rekha secretly, Vinod Mehra also took her to his home. But Vinod Mehra’s mother was not happy with this marriage. Vinod Mehra’s mother did not even allow Rekha to enter her house. She was so angry that as soon as she saw Rekha, she ran towards her with slippers. However, both Rekha and Vinod Mehra always remained silent on this matter.

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It is also said that Rekha never got her father’s love. Rekha was never close to her father Gemini Ganesan. According to a report published in E Times, Rekha had said, “Why should I mourn his death, when I had nothing to do with him. He had no significant contribution in my life. I am happy that “I never shared any unpleasant moments with him in my life. He existed for me only in my imagination.” Let us tell you, Rekha’s mother was also addicted to gambling at one time and it had reached such an extent that the family was on the path of ruin.

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