Loved the milkman’s daughter, became an electrician for Rajesh Khanna… No other superstar was born like this child, did you recognize him?

Childhood photos of Bollywood celebs are very viral on social media. These Bollywood celebs used to look very cute in their childhood. Taking this sequence forward, in today’s post, we have brought for you the photo of such an actor, who has said goodbye to this world for the time being, but will remain alive in the hearts of people. We have got a black and white family photo for you. In this, the child sitting on his father’s lap wearing glasses has been a veteran actor of Bollywood. Can you spot them?

Irfan Khan fell in love with the milkman’s daughter
If not, then give a hint that now his sons are also following his path. Yes, it is none other than our beloved Irrfan Khan. Irrfan Khan may have said goodbye to this world, but people still remember his performance and his strong acting in films. Irfan Khan had told in an interview that he had fallen in love with the milkman’s daughter. He often used to go to buy milk so that he could see his daughter. However, Irfan’s heart broke when the milkman’s daughter caught a letter addressed to someone else. She was in love with someone else and the 16-year-old actor was left heartbroken.

Became an electrician for Rajesh Khanna
Not only this, once Irfan also went to Rajesh Khanna’s house as an electrician. Actually, when he came to Mumbai, he was short of money, for which he used to do small jobs. For this reason, once he had reached Rajesh Khanna’s house to fix his AC, but luck was such that the actor was not at home that day. In the interview, Irrfan Khan had said, “The kind of craze that Rajesh Khanna had was not of anyone else. He was the biggest and most real star of Bollywood”.

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