Kaun Banega Crorepati is scripted? The first crorepati of KBC 15 told the truth

The small screen show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is said to be a dream come true show but many people accuse this film of being scripted several times. Presently the 15th season of this show is going on and the first crorepati of this season also disclosed on the question of the show being scripted. 21-year-old Jaskaran shared his experience during a conversation with The Indian Express.

Talking about his first memory of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Jaskaran Singh said that earlier he had seen it as an audience member but he wanted to be on the show soon. He said that the first message calling him for the next level of audition in 2020 is still saved on his phone. “That was the first time I had a little hope that I too could sit on that hot seat. Although I could not succeed then and even after that. Still I persisted and finally succeeded this time. To be honest, I wanted to come on the show and answer every question put in front of me. I wanted to come back home as the winner of the jackpot.”

Jaskaran Singh’s advice for KBC contestants

Now that he has managed to pass the audition, many people would be thinking of talking to him for tips. On this, Jaskaran said that its secret is ‘hard work and patience’. He further added, “It is not just for KBC but in life too. You set any goal for yourself. You have to work hard to achieve it. I believe that your luck will help you only when you are well prepared to take advantage of that opportunity. I would say to everyone, don’t get disheartened if they don’t make it through the auditions or even those who go back home from the fastest finger first round. Luck is giving you one more year for preparation. KBC is a show that does not have any syllabus so keep preparing well so that when you are finally on the hot seat, you can win big money.’

There is also a group among the fans of this show who point fingers at this show and its winners. Many people believe that the makers choose some people as winners. Especially when they come from a humble background. Reacting to the claims of the show being scripted or fixed, Jaskaran Singh said, “I think people make assumptions when they don’t know about something. Lakhs or crores of people from all over the country have auditioned for KBC. They know that even clearing the first few rounds is a difficult process. Only those who have never even tried make such claims.”

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