Flop in India, 10 thousand crore box office collection worldwide, the budget of the film which faced the anger of actors is bigger than Chandrayaan-3

There are only a few Hollywood films at the Indian box office, which are able to rule the hearts of the fans and those which win the hearts, collect more than Rs 100 crore. There are some of them who earn money. But for some reason it gets trolled or people get angry on it. However, it still proves to be a superhit. Something similar happens with this Hollywood film, whose craze started before its release. Some people had even chosen pink outfits to watch the film.

Don’t understand, this is none other than the film Barbie, which is made with a budget of around Rs 826 crores. It has earned Rs 10,000 crore worldwide. However, its collection at the Indian box office was only Rs 45.5 crores. But many stars had also expressed anger about this film as to why it was put in PG 13 rating.

Talking about the budget, the budget of Barbie made for Rs 826 crore is more expensive than Chandrayaan-3 launched in India. In fact, India’s lunar blockbuster, Chandrayaan-3, cost the country Rs 615 crore, which is much less than the cost of a barbie.

It is noteworthy that TV stars Jay Bhanushali and Juhi Parmar expressed their anger about the film and expressed their views in front of the film makers. Actually, he had objected to giving PG13 certificate to the film because indecent language was used in the film.

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